Getting Back Up After A Break-Up

Oh yes we have all been there! That terrible feeling of a part of you just wanting to splice and walk away from all that you feel. And then wondering whether you really do want to be a starfish? Break-ups are tough and for someone like me who doesn’t get upset at major problems, detaching from someone I love feels like agony. It might sound like a cliché but life does go on. All that we can do is love and be remembered for it.  It makes life much easier if we move from our grieving phases to the healing phase. (Oh yes both these phases are important). For those of us who prefer skipping these, please don’t. Really, don’t.

Here are few of the ways you can really move on.


Firstly, intending to move on is half the battle won. This is circumstantial but hanging on or waiting for your ex to come back never allows you to think of a life without him/her.

Letting It Out

All that emotion and anger you feel should be let out. Remember that classic scene from Jab We Met where Kareena let’s it all out. It is exactly what you should be doing although flushing your ex’s picture is entirely optional. Anger and sadness will only leave you if you express them.

Talk to Your Friends

Good friends are cathartic. They always know the right thing to say when you need to hear it. They also come up with crazy plans allowing you to let your hair down and forget all the pain that you feel, at the least for awhile. Keep your phone aside and just embark on some fun time with your mates!


Yes this is true! Exercising can relieve you of most of the tension that your mind and body feel. Sweating it out does not just increase your well-being but also releases endorphins that actually make you feel happier! Those who know this tend to not feel upset over a problem for too long. People who exercise are known to be happier than those who don’t.

Love Yourself

Love yourself because you deserve it. Make yourself your first priority. Indulge yourself by doing the activities you have been laying off since forever. Go to that spa or that crazy road trip you wanted to go for. This will bring in confidence and the ability to move on because you know you deserve much more.


Once you feel calmer, analyse as to what went wrong. Break-ups happen to all of us and we can only learn from them. Every relationship help you learn more about yourself in terms of what you desire from a partner. Most of us find lack of interest attractive which is contradictory to our very desires. Why waste your time pining away for someone who doesn’t care enough? Rather be with someone who desires you for who you are and not for whom you should be. A perfect relationship with a perfect person does not been a relationship without flaws. The feeling of being in such a relationship is worth fighting for.

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