Had a Breakup first time? Don’t try to make an easy escape

Human relations are not easy as Organic chemistry where following a particular procedure will give you the desired result. The main reason behind the uncertainties is we are not living in lab conditions where everything can be controlled and monitored. Certain “X” factors make relationship an unimaginable equation where the outcomes are surprising.

When you have the first breakup with your first love, then things are quite serious. Many people cry like they failed in the examination of the life and some went to depression. There is a very small percentage of individuals who manage it the first time, but it is not always easy because that person will be in your mind and heart for a long time.

What to do when you are a victim of a breakup?

There is Nothing like “mutual consent” when a relationship ends. There is always a strong reason which makes your relationship an unsuccessful attempt to spend your life with the person you cared.  It is either you or your partner who was not satisfied with the happenings. It is not always who cheated whom as there are so many things which affect the mind and heart of a person.

If it was not you who made it happen, then it was not your fault at all.  Don’t be a fool and stop wasting your time on the people who are not related to your life. Rest of the world is still there. Yes, that person was important to you but he or she no longer wants to be with you doesn’t mean the whole world is rejecting you.  There are many pretty faces available on this planet that can be a reason for the smile. This phase will help you find someone you never noticed, and now you are free from commitments you can keep it casual or name it the way you want.

If you are admitting that you were the weakest link between you and your partner and you want to win him or her back like any Bollywood Movie then it is urgent to do a lot of Homework here. Nothing is impossible here, but it depends on your partner who wants you back or not. If you have tried all your efforts, then let him or her go because you have learned a valuable lesson and it is time to apply the results to a new person to make a beautiful and successful love story.

Don’t think you are weak or you lost the game of life because every failure makes you better. Try to concentrate on the new things which will be ruined if you are not handling them well.  To start something fresh, you need to finish the feelings which are bothering you. Yes, all this is easy to write or to preach but hard to apply. But a new date will be your new love, and for that, you need to be ready. Your Movie is just started hence fill and feel it with all the emotions you want.

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