Highs and low of marrying into a joint family in India

On their D-day, most girls are not as much scared of their performance on their wedding night but the life that will begin the morning after. And they do not get much training from their moms in this department as they would have to learn how to navigate their way through gut feel, intuition, and social conditioning. It’s nothing less than a cultural setbackfor girls from nuclear families who might have to encounter the harsh reality that Sex brings out the best in a couple when there is a lot of love in a relationship but it brings out the worst in a couple when there is no love left in the relationship. It is in this dicey moments when a couple goes through a rough patch in the relationship that the support system of a joint family is critical.But these are far-fetched things; the more pressing concern that girls have is how they can satisfy the carnal desires of their partners in the first few months after marriage. Here are a few things you need to note to get it right.

Forget about wearing those short dresses: Think before investing in satin-silk underwear, halter neck or underwired bras orany of that lacy lingerie to turn on your man. Chances are you might not get the chance to even change in front of your man and might never get the chance to walk around naked in front of your man in the bedroom to help him drink your nudity. Having sex on the dining table, kitchen slab or on the rooftop will be a distant dream in a joint family.

Oil those door latches so that they close noiselessly: It’s tough to close all doors from inside when everyone is outside so, the best time to make love in a joint family is when a cricket match is going on. You both can quietly close the door when everyone is in the living room and in India cricket is religion so you can be rest assured that nobody will disturb you. But ensure that you finish your love-making session before the last ball is bowled so that your lovemaking sessions stay under the radar of young adults in the family. Parents will ignore it, kids won’t understand but it is the young adults in the family who will play spoilsport with their curiosity.
Have an attached bathroom to wash it all off: Acting out your fantasies will be limited to the 1030pm to 730am when you can close the door legitimately in a joint family.Trying out various positions in the darkness of your bedroom like spooning, spread-eagle, missionary, superior, sideways, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, criss-cross, 69, doggy-style, kneeling, right angle,standing and many more positions that your imagination can conceive. You need to have an attached bathroom to wash it all off as your husband might cum all over and even your bodily fluids might stain the bedsheets. Not having an attached bathroom can limit your fun sessions as you will only do the necessary things and doze off to sleep to avoid making noises and waking up those who are pretending to be asleep or are actually asleep.In a joint family set up, you need to keep in mind that love is about stolen glances, stolen moments and sneaking in a quickie or a really quick, wild sex session before everyone comes back from a movie.

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