How To Deal With Insecurities In Relationships

Relationships are beautiful. If they were not, who would want to be in them? I definitely wouldn’t, and I am sure you would not wish to be in one either. If I cannot see colors and sparkles when in a relationship, then I do not want to see darkness because I cry every day. Even so, relationships are amazing only when everything is flowing smoothly. When they are not, you would wish that you never got to know about love. One of the things that can make a relationship crumble as fast as it was built is insecurities.

Insecurities in relationships kill the beauty of relationships. It is, therefore, vital that they are dealt with before they take everything away from you. But how do you begin to deal with insecurities?


Many people get into relationships with a hangover of some things that happened to them. The fears created by these previous encounters makes them develop some response every time something of the same nature happens. Therefore, it is key to identify what caused the rise of insecurities or the background of the insecure nature. It is only when you know what you are dealing with that you can solve it.


Once you have identified the cause of the insecure nature of your partner, you should strive to avoid causing it. If you know that flirting or staying out the whole night or failing to communicate is the trigger, make sure that you avoid them. Try to stick to what makes your partner feel emotionally safe with you.


Many people are insecure because of the fear of losing the most important person in their lives. When they are not worried about losing you, you will not have any episodes of insecurities. When you give them constant assurances of your love, the feeling of insecurity will subside with time. Continually affirm your love for them. Do this until they are confident enough of your love.


If you are the one who is insecure, learn to depend on yourself. Choose to teach yourself to be self-reliant; to always feel comfortable with yourself instead of having someone make you feel comfortable. Many people are insecure because of their self-imposed issues. Because of this, they find themselves needing people to make them feel amazing about themselves. Avoid this; you have the power to feel good.


No one can be good enough a teacher to teach you to trust. It all falls on you. Take control of your feelings and emotions and decide that you will learn to trust always. It starts with a choice and then the action will follow. Every time you feel like distrusting your partner, choose to trust them. This does not mean that you ignore any real red flags.

Always strive to enjoy your relationships while being free of insecurities. Avoid them at all costs before they ruin the beautiful thing you’ve got going on. Take charge of your relationship. You can do it.

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