How To Decide He/She Is The One

Ever found yourself in a dilemma about whether person you have been dating is the right person for you? This is a question many of us battle with while dating. We all reach a point in a relationship when going on seems pointless without commitment and we do not feel ready yet. Some of us are lucky to find someone with whom everything fits but more often than not we find ourselves confused. Here are the five right questions to ask yourself to help you decide!

Are you attracted to him/her?

This may seem pretty basic but often it isn’t taken as seriously as it should be. Too many people compromise on this feeling thinking that it is ‘impractical’. It’s impractical to continue with someone without attraction and I do not mean purely physical attraction although that’s important as well. It could be their charisma and their presence that you find extremely attractive.

Do you have similar goals in life?

This question can make or break a relationship. Do you want the same things in the next five or ten years? If you timelines do not match, is one of you willing to wait for the other in the meanwhile? Discussing this can save you a lot of arguments and heartache. This does not mean you cannot have different ambitions but these ambitions should allow you to have a path that intersects.

Do you have similar lifestyles or rather can you adapt to each other’s lifestyles?

It is quite common to find couples with different ways of passing their free time. Not having fights over what your partner does when he/she is not with can only come with the maturity to adapt or familiarity. Not allowing you partner to be themselves is one of the worst thing we can do. Changing oneself to accommodate the other rarely ever works in a couples favour as this brings in unhappiness and often regret at what one could have been.

Do you feel respected in the relationship?

Being loved and being respected are two different things but in a relationship they are also two sides of the same coin. Someone can love you but make you feel insecure about who you are or your dreams and aspirations and this isn’t healthy. Mutual respect will only help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

Do you make time for each other?

This might sound pretty basic and for those who find themselves busy, hard to relate to. But being there for each other when it matters spells commit better than any other trait in a partner. It may be spending time with each other’s family once in a while or taking some time off work and going out on a drive together. Being on your partner’s priority list should not be an option!

Ask yourself these questions before you decide to take that leap into commitment. Every relationship is different but in essence the above are the fundamentals of building a healthy bond. Finding the right person may be difficult but the magic of being with the right person is worth it!

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