How To Have Effective Communication In A Relationship

Communication is one of the key aspects of any relationship. When the communication lines are open, a relationship will thrive. It is no one’s plan to get into a relationship to have it dull just because the other party is not open to talking or communicating on matters pertaining to the relationship. It is said that the mouth stinks if you don’t talk for some time. Communication in a relationship could be characterized by talking too.

All relationships need to have the very best & effective communication for them to thrive. Asking questions without fear of the reaction or response of your partner is key to making your communication effective in the relationship. Asking questions is proper because assuming you know the answers could just be a disaster in waiting.

Listen carefully. This is always the best part of communication where you are sure that your partner is giving you utmost attention to your suggestions, talk, and request. Cultivating this listening skill is a way to cement the communication channels in the relationship, and it also helps in growing trust in the union.

Unless your partner is a divine mind reader, there’s a good chance he or she may not be able to read your thoughts and know what you are thinking. I know you may believe that you are obvious about your feelings or thoughts but if you aren’t saying it clearly, your partner might just be clueless. Stop thinking about how upset you are and communicate it through words.

Sometimes, you might want to talk to your partner about a matter that is not too pleasant. To avoid her or him getting upset or sad about the issue, sandwich it between or among positive comments. Your attitude in giving or delivering that very matter determines a lot. Your communication becoming either positive or negative can be affected by the tone you use to communicate it.

Know your body language. When you are communicating, you have to be conscious and aware of the fact that your body can also be saying something. It could just be a small eye roll that looked insignificant or your arms crossed or the tapping of your foot, but the body says it all. Make sure all you do with your body goes in line with what your mouth says. This will ensure that you are not communicating two different signals at the same time.

Communication is not only restricted to words that come from our lips. Your communication with your partner could also be demonstrated by your actions. Sometimes, words become meaningless when there is no action backing them up. As much as talking is the basic and well-known way of communication, it has to have results or fruits. This is only possible if the words are acted upon to bring forth concrete results.

Effective communication is, therefore, an important part needed for any relationship to thrive and be sustained for posterity. Most fundamental, to any relationship, is effective communication.

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