How To Pop Up The Much Awaited Question – Will You Marry Me?

Proposing the girl of your dreams is not an EASY task! You need to gather a lot of courage in you to say it right without looking stupid. Also, it takes a lot of preparation to ask her the big question. She is never going to say NO if you say it the right way. We are sure that she loves you and she will not say no. She might be waiting for you to ask the question to her.

However do not get too late because good girls do not wait. If she is too good, somebody else will sweep her off her feet. It is time for you to take the step. How to pop the question? Well, we have listed few ways that will surely make her smile and say YES!

Now forget everything else and read on to know HOW TO POP UP the Much Awaited Question – WILL YOU MARRY ME? The ideas are simple to follow and she will definitely be super happy.

In a restaurant

This one is a little old fashioned but it still works. Go to a restaurant of her choice. Make sure it is a romantic one! When her eyes go in the other direction, go down on your knees with a rose in your hand and if she says YES then she can have her ring. Girls are very particular about their ring. Make sure it is a good one. Girls love it when their man proposes them in front of other people as it gives her a sense of relief and security.

Ring on the cake

You might have heard about icing on the cake but this one is fairly new. Put a beautiful ring on the cake and surprise her with your proposal. She will definitely love the idea. Make sure the cake is beautiful and the ring can be kept in a little box.

Call up the radio station

Many women listen to the radio. How about calling up the radio station and proposing to her LIVE! Now this is a very cool idea because this will make her feel super special. Dedicate a song to her and sing it if you like. Pop the question and she will be the happiest girl in the world. You would need to tell her to tune in to the radio because some special show is going to come on air.

Breakfast in bed

Ah! Breakfast in bed along with a proposal is dreams come true for a girl. You need to prepare all the things beforehand. Make some breakfast for her before she wakes up. Present the ring in a coffee cup or the breakfast table. She will be pleasantly surprised.

Bake a cake for her

This one is a very creative idea. If you are a good chef, you can bake a pretty cake for her and write Will You Marry Me on top of it! It will be a very cute proposal and she will be very impressed with your baking skills. The ring can be kept at the side in a box.

After Getting Intimate

Once you are done with your love making session, you can pop up the big question. She would be least expecting it and it will definitely surprise her. Women love surprises and this one is going to be the best day of her life.

You need to prepare a little speech before you propose the girl of your dreams. Make sure it is short and sweet. Women love men who are expressive and so, you should be able to speak your heart out. All the best!

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