Is Technology a relief for lovebirds?

We live in a technologically advanced world where people from different countries are getting connected. Tall sky scrapers are getting built everywhere, there are cell phones, robots, netbooks and flash drives. Due to technology, people have the benefit of staying connected with the love of their life. The world may be advanced but love still exists in our society. There is the same innocence in love, the same long-talks and blushing going on in this world. The only difference is that love letters do not exist and people book private jets rather than horses to take their love on a long joyous ride.

Technology has benefitted the love birds because there are various people who get into long-distance relationships which makes it difficult for them to keep in touch with their partner. You can fall in love with a person living in Spain! You can have successful long distance relationships! You can find a companion for yourself through various portals.

However with the maximum usage of technology, people have also started cheating. Cheating has become a major problem in today’s world. There are concepts like cyber sex and adding random girls on Facebook. People are trying to get somebody to have cyber sex with on the internet. It is bizarre! There are a lot of desperate married women and men who try to hunt for young men and women on websites like Facebook or even through Yahoo chat or animated chats like IMVU. Relationships have definitely become shallow because people are cheating on their partner through social networking and chats. Your husband might be away for work and you get bored. You log on to a site and start flirting with men. This can very well be called cheating – although you are not physically getting intimate with anybody but mentally your mind is fantasizing and thinking about another person.

Mobile phones have the option of deleting all the messages and chats. You can delete the emails easily because technology is so easy. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may have erased the entire memory and you would not know what is happening in their lives. Now there are passwords in phones so you might not even gain access to your partner’s phone. Men are watching porn on their phone when their wife is not watching. So, well, technology certainly does not make your relationship flourish in any way. Gone are those days when true love actually existed. It does exist even today but we see that the concept of true love is vanishing.

But yes, there are positive points as well that you can connect with your partner easily while they are away. You can just pick up the cell phone or just send them an instant message. You do not have to wait for a reply anymore! You can connect to your partner easily. You can book flowers and shop for lingerie online and gift it to your partner. You can buy spa coupons for your partner and make them happy. So, technology is not AS bad either! Everyone has access to technology and we should definitely respect its contribution to our society. Is it a relief for lovebirds? Well, if it has added some value to your life then it sure IS!

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