Is there anything called Love at first sight?

Is there anything called love at first sight? We have heard about it in movies and songs. However it feels like a very naïve concept for us. It is like a teenage girl saying, “Oh my god isn’t he too cute! I am in love with him already!” Love is a loaded word, my friend. You see a person and then you fall in love. How can you love a person without knowing anything about them? It is something that is bothersome for some. Is physical attraction the only criteria to fall in love with someone?

It takes time to build trust, affection and love for someone. Divorces have become such a common thing today because people fall out of love easily. There are very few people who analyzed and then took the big step. Love at first sight basically means you are falling for someone just by seeing their exterior beauty. Note the word ‘exterior beauty’ here, please. Human beings are visual creatures and they like to see exterior beauty before the actual beauty of a heart. Men want a woman who is physically appealing and we see women going for men who are well built and fair. Is exterior beauty everything? The face will grow old one day. The beautiful girl you fell in love with will have wrinkles on her face. She may not be a nice person by heart. She may abuse you and treat you like a servant. Why can’t we find someone truly beautiful to fall in love with? Why are we in such haste to find love?

Love sees the bigger picture. You have to spend the rest of your life with a person and not a hot body. Love does not focus on shallow things like a hot bikini body, muscles or specific color of eyes. If we start looking at all these physical traits, we will not be able to love people. Judging somebody for the way they look is the biggest problem in our world that god did not solve. Love is a word which is thrown around everywhere and we see a lot of people falling in ‘love’ in just a day’s time. How could you be in love after glancing at a person? We can blame movies for promoting such a concept. We see movies like The Notebook and PS I love you which are promoting the idea of love at first sight. However the movies do tell us more about how to hold on to relationship for a lifetime. Love takes a lot of time – sometimes even spending a year with a person does not give you that warm and fuzzy love feeling. So, basically there is no such thing as love at first sight. You may call it infatuation or attraction but it cannot be called love. One must fall in love with a soul and not the face. It is very important for one to learn to love a person for their spirit and good heart.



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