It’s time to learn from the experienced: Evolution of dating

You might have gone through dozens of articles telling you expert dating tips, and how to find the perfect lover, here we take you to trip down the history which tells what similarities we had with the earlier dating customs and what were the bizarre things which were followed back in those days. From countering the Ghoonghat and Burqa to the Marriage market of ancient worlds. You would be surprised to know the basic dating etiquettes were pretty similar to the ones we have today. From exchanging gifts to talking in secret languages, all these skills seem to be borrowed from our ancestors.

  • Staying behind ghoonghat: Till 19th century the Indian culture had many restrictions for women (especially of the higher castes) so they couldn’t mix up with other men. Ghoonghat or the veil was used so that the face isn’t completely visible, and the women were only allowed to open it in front of their husbands or family members. All this showed the restrictive society at that point of time. The Indian society was miles away from the concept of dating or even love marriage and these values still reflect the mindset of the people now.
  • Just buy a partner: Ancient Babylon customs were quite the opposite of the Indian sub-continent. You could just buy a wife in an auction. The prettiest women were sold first and the men bid for them in the market. The largest bidder would get that woman. For the women who were considered ugly, the money was paid to the man who would accept her. It was pretty much the opposite. The man willing to accept the lowest bid would win a wife. This diverse market catered to all the people from richest to the poorest sections of the society.
  • When your proposal is the most stylish: There is no doubt that lovers back then had trouble in escaping the watchful eyes of the society. If you feel proud to develop a secret language to communicate with your partner wait till you hear the story of Thomas Edison. Mina Miller who was the second wife of Edison and half his age was wooed by the way Thomas used to communicate with her.

Edison had proposed to her in Morse code and to dodge the public eyes, they also used to communicate in Morse code.

The power of gifts: Gifts still remained a major custom to impress a partner. In Europe, there were intimate exchanges of gifts and the more uncommon and exotic the gift would be, the more impressive it was. Gifts ranged from accessories like dresses and belts to expensive jewellery.

In many advanced societies, there were prenuptial agreements too. You could decide in the case of a divorce who would get the property and who would take the custody of the children. So, when you are opting for one yourself, don’t feel too modern about it.

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