Listen up Ladies- What Men find unattractive in Women

Most of us know what qualities men find attractive in woman; kind, beautiful, smart, caring etc. What most women don’t know is what men find unattractive in women. Of course this is a variable list depending on each man’s preference, but it is also a general list that is applicable to most men. Let’s jump right into this and start avoiding these common errors.

Too much makeup-

I know most of us are told to groom ourselves and make an effort to look our very best. To do so we apply makeup, but what is too much and where do we draw a line? Anything that makes our faces look unnatural and cakey will be considered too much. For example, using golden eyeshadow, wearing bright purple lipstick, applying two shade darker or lighter foundation etc., are all going to be a huge turn off for him. Let’s just stick to one application of mascara and a lip tint. Definitely less is more, ladies.

Bad breath-

Well this is fairly obvious. I think it’s safe to say everyone is turned off by bad breath. It can’t possibly be an attractive trait. Start using a mouth wash and making frequent trips to the dentist to avoid this simple mistake.

Dressing sloppy-

Again looks are important when it comes to being attractive to the opposite gender. Dressing up is not always necessary if it’s not your thing. Just remember not to dress shabby or slutty. Letting your bra show, wearing very tight clothes, showing your cleavage is not going to attract a genuine man. It might get his attention but he may lose interest soon. You don’t have to cover up completely or show everything off at once. Keep it classy and something for his imagination.


Now gossiping is something many women love to indulge in. It’s definitely something men do not find very attractive. It will make you seem insecure and boring if you constantly have to talk about others all the time with him. If you have to gossip, make sure you keep it between you and your girlfriends. Obviously if it’s something, then it makes sense to share it with him.


Common ladies, we hate it when our man lies to us, am I right? Well, they hate it too. Lying is plain ugly and disrespectful. Let’s avoid any future fights that might end up making him hate you and speak the truth. Of course if the truth is something that might hurt him or cause a fight, then its best to keep your mouth shut instead of making a huge mess by lying to him.


Ugh! Arrogance is plain unattractive. It will make anyone lose interest in you. Showing a negative attitude and throwing shade at him will end up turning him off. It is unnecessary and rude. If you are not interested in him, the best way is to tell him firmly (and politely) that you are not into him.

So ladies, I hope this short and simple list has helped you figure out how to keep your man attracted and interested in you. Follow them earnestly and remember to be yourself.

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