Office Romances – Are you in LOVE with your Boss?

What happens when you are in love with your boss? It is a difficult situation to be in! Does life get too difficult? Are you able to concentrate on your work? Does work get complicated? Does your heart stop when you see him/her? You cannot help it! Some bosses are too good looking and intelligent. The heart wants what it wants. You cannot stop your heart from falling in love. There is a strong liking one develops towards someone who is at a higher post or is too good to be true. Their physical appearance might sweep you off your feet.

Oops! Somebody’s Heart is in Trouble

Oh dear! You certainly are in love and we ready to help you out in some way or the other. We know women who have slept with their married bosses but it did not end up well. If your boss is single and ready to mingle, it is good news for you. Most bosses are hesitant to get in a relationship with their employees.  What to do if your boss is too hot to handle? What to do if you fall in love with your boss? Here is how you should handle this situation!


It is somehow not professional or right to date your boss. What if your boss fires you when he gets to know? Or if he is a jerk – he won’t mind sleeping with you. You need to be careful, my love!

Let your emotions be outside the office because think of the job you are doing – does it mean anything to you? Does it help you pay your bills? You cannot take chances and love your boss because you might just lose your job. He might be dating someone or if he is married, you are just inviting trouble.

What you can do is quit your job and then ask him out. How does that sound? You need to understand that your love is probably one sided. Does he love you back? Is he in love with some other girl in the office? Be sure of his feelings, please.

Your coworkers might not like you after you get into a relationship with the boss. You will get the love and attention. You will lose that one friend you have in office. Your relationship has to be a secret.

If your love is real serious and your boss loves you as much – you should quit your job or just get married to him because then the coworkers will think of both you as perverts. You may want to start sending your resume to other places if you want to keep the love between you and your boss alive.

And if your work matters the most, then forget him and move on. There are many fishes in the sea. He is not the last man in this world. It is better to date a coworker than your boss. Best of luck to you!

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