Reasons why we are not enjoying a stable relationship?

A man is a social animal, and we are always surrounded with people at various events of our life. But we are not attached physically and emotionally with every person on this planet. We need someone special, a man or a woman to spend our tears and laughs together. The equation of stable relationship depends on two different minds and bodies to equate a relation. There are various other factors which work as a variable to make it possible. We are here to discuss what affects you and why you are not living a love story which you always dreamt.

We expect too much:

Yes, It is true, and we can deny this fact that we love the feeling of being loved. To achieve it we are ready to attempt anything, but the things do not go this way. We need to understand here that we are talking about two different people of two different lives and their priorities.  Here you need to work on this feeling, and it is not a terrible thing to handle.

We are living a virtual life.

Our whole day goes with virtual friends, and we love to spend our time online than spending an hour together. Sometimes you need one to one interactions to break the ice between you and your partner. You can’t do it by sending some texts or emoticons only.  Don’t be stupid. You know your relationship can’t survive any long when you are limited to virtual contact with your partner.

Do not hurry to make things better:

Sometimes we do things in a hurry, and your partner does not agree with so many happenings in his or her life. It takes the time to prepare yourself for a stable relationship and the responsibilities which come with it. You need to understand the state of mind of your partner and discuss these changes which you want to bring in your lives. Move further only when he or she is ready, and if you can’t then, you need to go with other options.

It is the priorities we make.

We are a young generation of this dynamic world of changing nature. We are not stable with our career and life goals as we want to try everything. We deserve best, and this makes us choose our priorities.  If a stable relationship is on our to-do list then only we go for it. But having a relationship with your soul mate does not go like this.  When you are with a right person, the list alters itself, and it is all your choice to make some changes in your list. If you or your partner is not ready to make it, then you need to wait and support him or her.

We are afraid of betrayal:

Our past experiences make us choose our future. If you had something in your past, then you need to move on. A new person, a new life with a new relation is waiting for you. This time gives you best, and if you had this second chance with this right person, then you are the luckiest person on this planet.

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