The core idea of any relationship is to belong to someone. Any relationship comes into being because of our need to belong. Belonging primarily deals with the feeling of strength and support. When you own or someone owns you in complete, you feel that you have great strength to move ahead in various spheres of life. A student who belongs to his teachers is much more positively driven and motivated in academics as well as in his life. A child who belongs to his mother has the great sense of security which helps him to grow loved and cared. An employee belonging to his supervisor is motivated to outperform. As humans, our greatest fear is to be left alone but when you belong to somebody or somebody belongs to you, you are assured of company.

However, to grow with the obsessive need and idea that we belong to someone can sometimes pose a lot of imbalance. One needs to equate the need and move ahead in right direction. In any relationship, there cannot be a system where we may continue to deliver on same wavelength. The biggest belonging is to belong to your own self. Let yourself have a great connect with you. Once you get connected to your own roots that prevail deep within you, you become free. It is then, when a relationship poses to break its chains and sets you free but it is too hard to achieve.

Our idea of Social Acceptability is the prime factor which drives through our need of belonging. We wish to get ourselves approved and accepted in the eyes of others. You may find many such examples where the hardest effort that is put in any relationship by individuals is to get accepted. These efforts are momentary and as the time the time passes by, the outcome loses its lusture.

Many a times it is found that sense of belonging originates from loneliness and gradually results in depression. In order to achieve harmony in any relationship, mutual understanding and space holds a lot of importance and if we attain that we will be very well belonged. We have to learn and move ahead with the fact that to hold an integral place in any relationship, one has to first get related to his own soul. There is nothing more peaceful and giving than your own inner happiness. Learn to be emotionally stable within your own heart as this will give you the pace to accelerate smoothly in a relationship.

By achieving self belonging, we will get better in all relationships, be it with our friends, families, our culture or that with our country. The feeling of belonging is something that is built up little by little. Sharing the same reality, common values ​​or goals creates a favorable terrain. It also requires, in order to develop, a quality of interactions with people, which contributes to the fact that one feels well and one is aware of its value within a particular group. Feeling recognized, you want to commit yourself more to give the best of yourself and identify yourself with a certain pride to this group of which you are a part. If some responsibility rests with the environment that welcomes you, another part depends on your attitude and your own integration efforts.

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