Return the long lost spark: How to counter boredom in a relationship

If you have been in a long term relationship, you know what this article is about. It is impossible for any person to make a relationship ever-exciting and spiced up. At some point of time, the love life has to settle, you run out of surprises and the magic of the first sight love is long forgotten. This is when boredom strikes in a relationship. You might feel that, it is no longer working out, and the spark no longer exists but that is least of the reasons to take a step back.

These days most of us would be satisfied in a long term relationships, and a long term relationship demands stability. We should not do the mistake of misunderstanding stability to boredom. Boredom in any relationship is quite normal, and it might make you miss your singlehood, where you had full freedom to flirt with girls, the tinder dates and spending time with your friends. It was rightly mentioned that man wants what he cannot get. When you are in a relationship, you are attracted to the life of bachelorhood again.

No matter how dull your life becomes or how exciting the other life seems, if you truly love your partner, you will find a way to hold together. Here are some ways which although are general but implementing them at such a stage could be crucial.

  • Surprising enough: One of the easiest ways to make your relationship go around is planning surprises for your partner. No! I am not talking about your every weekend getaway. Doing something unexpected, at an unexpected moment would surely do the drill. Take a break from your work when you can and take her out to an exciting and exotic place. Gifting him his favourite videogame, or giving her the shoes she had her eyes on or going for a couple spa, little things like these would surely change the monotony of life.
  • Remember everything: Giving your partner the first priority and showing how much your partner means to you could mean a lot to them. Make them remember your first date, your first kiss and first sex. Try visiting the places which are the backbones of your relationship, like the place where you proposed. This will bring the sweet memories and stir the long lost feeling of newly found love.
  • Stay Unpredictable: This could be pretty relevant if you have the same time table and same definition of fun. Change is what everyone relishes in a relationship. Being unpredictable for what you have to offer and what you have in mind would be the building blocks of an exciting relationship. Breaking the normal routines and the normal way of doing things will give a new definition to your relationship.

A stable relationship would become something you enjoy and that would be the stage of maturity of your love. Developing unconditional love will surely take time, and there would be many ups and downs in your way. You would have to make an effort to make things work and rekindle the lost spark.

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