Surprisingly Unique Ways to Get a Woman’s Attention

Every man wants to know as to what goes on in a woman’s mind! You see a woman in a bar or a social event and she looks like the most beautiful woman in the world as per you. Guess what? There are many men who would be thinking the same. It is important for you to stop thinking and take the initiative to get her attention. Today we have listed the 5 Surprisingly Unique Ways to Get a Woman’s Attention. This will surely help you to get noticed by the lovely lady!

Play it cool and be yourself

Women will not appreciate men doing silly things like laughing or winking at her. Women really like it when a man is not acting fake. A woman likes men who are confident and outgoing. If you are honest and approach her without any fear, she would appreciate it. Women really like men who are simple to understand. If you act too cool or over smart, it will put her off. Play it cool and be yourself!

Give her the Power to DECIDE

You should not mess with a woman who does not like you. You can tell her that you like her but it is important for her to decide whether she likes you back or not. A man who lets a girl decide is a very charming quality. Being pushy will not get you anywhere! You could start a conversation with her by complimenting her or asking her horoscope. Women love to talk and this will give you a chance to listen to her.

Listen to her

Since women love to talk, they want a man who can listen to her. If you cut her in between while she is talking, it will be a big turn off. Let her do the talking and listen to everything she says. She will definitely notice you and in the long run, she might even think of dating you. A woman loves a good listener.

Chivalry is the KEY

You have been noticing a woman for a very long time. She works in the same building or office but you do not have the courage to go and tell her. How about opening the door for her or pulling out the chair for her? If you like her so much, you would know her timings. Hold the lift for her or open the door as she walks out. This will really get her attention. Women love chivalrous men. It gets their attention!

Stop talking about YOURSELF!

The last thing a woman wants to hear is stories about how great you are and how much money you earn. Not every woman is behind your money. A woman, who does not know you, is not bothered about your bank balance or what you do. Stop talking about yourself and focus on her. It is advisable that you should be focused on what she wants to say. Talk about her! Ask her about her interests and if she would like to catch a coffee and get to know more about her.

Isn’t it easy to follow these simple steps? You do not have to buy flowers or sing songs. Women are simple and they just want attention and somebody who can hear them out. Be yourself and try these 5 ways. It will definitely work for you! All the best, buddy!


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