The Big Fat Indian Weddings

Weddings around the world are simple. The boy falls in love with the girl and the girl falls in love with the boy and then they get married. But in India there are a few more steps. The boy falls in love with the girl and the girl falls in love with the boy. The girl’s family has to like the boy and the boy’s family has to the like the girl. The girl’s family has to like the boy’s family and the boy’s family has to like the girl’s family. If the girl and the boy still love each other then they will get married.

Weddings in India are large celebrations that become the best memories of our lifetime. The weddings are a time when the whole family comes together. The weddings are super fun in India, gossips, different delicacies all around, relatives all around the house and so many ceremonies taking place. Weddings in India are like Diwali and Christmas together. But behind all these delightful celebrations and lavishness is a very dark story. The weddings become a crushing burden to the hosts. To host these lavish weddings, the families save for a lifetime and still these savings are not sufficient. Below the shimmer and merriment of these fat Indian weddings are a few fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who become indebted for the sake of impressing relatives and the groom’s family. These big fat Indian weddings are focused on showing off to those people who are not even familiar to the bride and the groom. Indian weddings, a decade earlier were the most graceful and pleasant events that now has been replaced by the pretentious imposters. These weddings now have become a profit loss relationship, where the only aim of the girl’s family is to impress the groom and his family.

We are the modern generation subsuming of people that deal with their own problems, pay our own bills, live away from our parents, bills are split at dinner, money is saved to travel and pay our own rents. Our generation is not supposed to become part of the parody in which our main focus is to impress people who never cared about us. Today we have evolved in so many ways where we are allowed to choose our life-partner. So, why can’t our generation choose the way they want to get married? Just because everyone is spending a huge amount on their wedding does not makes it necessary for us to do the same. The girl’s parents load her and her in-laws with jewelry and gifts at the cost of their own happiness, but in this era of technology and modernization, the best gift that a father can give her daughter is education.

We are known as the smart generation. Our education is of no use if we cannot stop our parents from spending the only savings they had on our weddings, just to please some people we will never come across in life. It is our responsibility to trim the big fat Indian weddings. We can change the way we celebrate, the way we begin our new life.

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