Things that could happen when you decide to move in together

You have reached the stage of moving in together. You are in love or just get engaged, you have chosen to share an apartment together. But some unexpected things can happen when you move in together.

Decoration compromises

Moving in together is fun, but you won’t be able to have that type of bedroom that you always thought of having. You and your partner might be having different taste, and you have to decide together that what will look best for your space. If you are lucky enough, he won’t mind that pink pillows or book collection.

You’ll stop caring that how you look to them

Tied hair, chilling with no makeup, sweatpants, t-shirts, everything will happen while you both are living together.  Moving in with someone makes you comfortable with them seeing you that you are which is great.


It will be like a sleepover every day

This is so true that you and your partner can stay up late while watching TV, eating or making food and have the heart to heart connection while waking up late in the morning.


You’ll need to split household chores

The housework doesn’t seem like a big deal at first but by the time little things like washing dishes, laundry, etc. can put a strain on any relationship. Deciding that who will do what and when will prevent the responsibilities falling on one person.


You’ll be having someone beside you to make you dinner

One of the beautiful things about living with a partner is getting benefits from their strength and love. If one is good at baking or cooking, other one gets the homemade meals all of a sudden. If one person enjoys giving massages, another one is indeed lucky.


You learn everything about their habits

Things won’t always be like butterflies or rainbows. You may find out about their habits that will drive you crazy, whether it is leaving the shoes or partying till late night. Communicating, talking and compromising the practices can save the relationship. But, if someone is making you more stressed then happy, then you can move out.


You’ll have to make time for your friends

When you’ll always be having someone to hang out with, it’s easy to forget that there are some other people too. It’ll take more effort but have other people in your life will keep your life balanced and your friends happy.


People will wonder that when you are getting married

Moving in together means that marriage is pending, but for other people, it just means living with them. Don’t feel bad or pressured, just relax and know that you are doing what is best to do for your relationship.


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