Want to be a Half-Girlfriend in Real Life? We can prove it to be a wrong decision of your life

Bollywood movies are known for its Drama, Casting, Music and sometimes fantastic stories which are inspired by real lives or bestselling novels. Half- Girlfriend is now available to youngsters by the same name as novel and gained popularity because of its unnatural relationship between a boy and a girl. Many people go friend zoned, and some can’t even admit what type of relation they are sharing with a girl or a boy with whom they are spending whole time.  The girls are not interested in tagging it and the boys also use it according to their personal interests.

So what is the Idea of Half-Girlfriend?

If we keep it simple, a Half-Girlfriend means that you are having a girlfriend who is not ready to be with you in a relationship and you can’t expect any sexual relation because she just wants to be friends with you.  But according to the story of the novel, the boy, and the girl shared some very intimate moments which are not easy for a guy because he wants to have a lifelong relation with the girl.

Hence if the Novel was named Half – Boyfriend then the girl will be in an insane condition of love which makes her fight all odds of her life to get the person to whom she want to get married.  These odds were a social- economic background and the difference in the way of thinking between two people.

The story seems nice as the guy do everything needed to be with the crush, the love of his life while the girl was running to chase her dreams. Can this happen in real life?  Don’t say no because the present generation likes to create history but if we relate to the real life situations then either you can laugh or can cry over it. Human emotions are difficult to handle, and this is the only reason which makes Half Girlfriend a love story which is new to the youngsters who have matchmaking websites to find the real love.

Don’t expect beautiful music in the background which is sung and composed by professionals.  Here both the guys and the girls must chase the love and careers but do that with confidence.   There are many other things which can be learned from the story, and we are not expecting all this in the flick because we know there is a difference and individual elements can ruin your experiences like emotionless acting and some stupid dialogues.

If you can read the book, then avoid the movie and enjoy the story at a different level. Do tell us what you felt about it and if you are already gone through the book then enjoy the beautiful music of the movie which somehow relates the amazing love story. The movie was not a great idea to watch. Hence I avoid it.

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