What can you do if your marriage is falling? Is Divorce a Bad option?

We have seen our parents fighting for no reasons, and we have grown up watching some serious Bollywood family drama which always had a happy ending but now being adults why it is so difficult to save a marriage. We are not arguing for love or arrange marriage option as both the situations has its pros and cons.

Society has its views:  In the Indian culture we are a fan of our traditions, and a Marriage is something which is always considered a sacred ceremony. You can only enjoy jokes related to divorce in some standup comedy shows, but in real life, it is hard to discuss with your partner.  Do not think about society as we are in living in a century where we our self-don’t care about what is happening with our neighbors until it has something real Masala for a Gupshup.  If you are a person who enjoys what’s going on in a private life of your neighbors, then there is someone who is interested in yours too.

What about Future of your children?

If this is something bothering you, then you can’t do anything here. Yes, Divorce will have a strong impact on your kids, but if you are not living a happy life, then you can’t provide one to your children. They need to understand why are opting for it but before that, you can try one more time to make it successful.  You too are a human being, and the tension between two partners in the same room is not easy to deal. It turns to worse and affects badly to your child’s upbringing.  Your kids will understand the need for your action when they achieve your age.

Is counseling helpful?

The answer to the question lies within you. When you are ready to solve the issues with your partner then yes it will be helpful i.e. why no divorce is granted on the same day. You have a chance to be a better person so that you can gain the confidence of your partner. Things could be messy, and only a right approach can be helpful.  Fights and tensions are common between married couples, and your parents can share their experience to cope this situation.  If both of you guys shares some love, then it can end without any difficulties.

Life is not a fairytale:

This is something which stops you from having a Divorce because we know it will be difficult. When you both guys are no longer to be in it then there is no reason to carry the tag of “Happily Married.” Be a better person as you have a single life and spending it with someone who does not relate is a total wastage. You can further accompany your partner as a friend by relieving him/her and yourself from this dead marriage.  Discuss it and come with a solution and be single again.

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