Why Should Girls Make the First Move?

Are you in love with a man in your office? Are you in love with a friend? Are you in love with your boss? Make the first move! Why are girls always waiting for the men to make the first move? The men always have the burden to make the first move which is SO wrong. Women are confident and beautiful! They can easily get the man without any fear. Men fear of rejection and they want the woman to make the first move for a change.

Are you a girl who is afraid of rejection? It seems like you want to stick to the old tradition of a man approaching you and telling his feelings. It is very sexy for a man that a woman reaches out to him. You may feel uncomfortable to reach out to a man but trust us, it is very easy. How to make the first move? Here is a little guide for you to get some confidence.

  1. Ask for a dance

If you see a really good looking man in the bar, go to him and ask him for a dance. It will surely surprise him and if he is a gentleman, he will not turn the offer down. Make sure he is with his friends or alone. You do not want to hit on a married man!

  1. Call him out for coffee

If you really like a man in your office, call him up and ask him out for coffee. Going for a coffee date is normal and he will get to know more about you.

  1. Smile at him

Drop hints like smiling at him. If you see this man at office, you should smile at him often. Touch his shoulder and laugh at his jokes.

  1. Be straightforward

If you love a friend then it is time to be open about your feelings. He is your friend and we are sure that he will understand. Maybe he loves you as well but he is too afraid to admit it. Tell him how you feel!

Why should girls make the first move?

Men are equally afraid of rejection. Women think it is too cheap to go to a man and make the first move. The men think the same! They do not want to come across as a pervert as well.

Men like women who are bold and confident. If you play too hard to get, he will simply walk away and find a girl who is open about her feelings. There are many women who are not afraid to share their emotions.

Going after what you love is the best approach in life. You might lose the chance later! You should tell the man how you feel before somebody else enters his life. He will not think less of you. He will appreciate the fact that you are so fearless and easy to understand. Women who play hard to get are too complicated for men. Men do not like complicated women.

So, do not be afraid and tell the cute boy in office about your feelings. How hard can it be? In case he turns you down, be cute and ask him for a casual date anyway! Tell him that it would be an honour to take him out for a date. You will do well for sure. All the best!

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