Why some people choose to remain away from relationships?

“Single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others”

Marriage and relationships form an integral part of Indian culture. As soon as you celebrate your 25th birthday, people around you start giving advises to get settled. What do they mean by getting settled? They mean you should get married and experience the next phase of your life. It is believed that relationships make one stronger, a life partner is essential as he/she is with you in good times as well as worst of times. Time and again people profess the importance of relationships but there are still few of populace who choose to remain single. Why do they consider remaining single? Let’s have a look into some factors that make them abstain from relationship:

  • Apprehension: It is a world of competition and few of us have so much thrust upon competition and rate race that they desire a peaceful and stress-devoid ambience at their dwellings. The sheer apprehension that things may not work out fine at home compels them to stay away from relationship.
  • Obsession for career: Few highly ambitious populaces believe that if they indulge in a relationship or got married, then their career would be hampered. They prefer focussing on their career and personal growth rather than bracing up to obligations of marriage. So, they choose to remain single
  • Lack of commitment: Some people want to enjoy a care-free life and do not want to commit. These happy go lucky kinds of individuals prefer to remain single instead of going for the hassles of serious relationship that ultimately leads to either marriage or live-in status.
  • Longing for freedom: Some people want to live their life in their own style. They are inflexible and cannot adjust with anyone. Such kind of people love remaining single rather than having someone who’d interfere in their life and hinder their freedom.
  • Inability to share emotionally and financially: Some people cannot share their feelings and personal space with others. They cannot compromise in anything and choose to remain single. Some also believe that spouse nags for money and possessions and to prevent such situation from occurring, they abstain from marriage.
  • Ego: Some people are egoistical to such an extent that they won’t change or modify for the sake of others. For them their ego is predominantly effective and so they opt remaining single.
  • Fear of separation: Some people go through so much of separation from friends, relatives and family members in their childhood that they fear from relationships. They believe that if they get themselves in a relation, then they won’t be able to bear heartbreak and separations. The fear of emotional outbreak and separation eschew them from relationship.
  • Piousness: Some people are so much religiously devoted that they avoid marriages. These pious individuals choose to live a life of celibacy and chastity and remain single throughout their life.
  • Responsibilities: Some individuals have the responsibility of their entire family and they feel that if they indulge in a relation then they might not be able to fulfil all their responsibilities. So, they prefer remaining single.

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