You and your Stories are perfect because you are your own HERO.

Life is beautiful to whom who is ready to experience its wonderful moments every day.  It’s just not you and your soul mate that make things brighter and shiner but it is also the feelings, the emotions and the bond between you. You are ready to spend your life with someone who was once a total stranger but now you feel for him/her. Your life is just like a book of stories where you are in the lead role and it totally depends on you how you name it.  The cover of your book depicts what type of a life you had.

Like a novel, it will have so many chapters which will tell you the story of every phase of your life. Whether it is love or hatred, you can write your titles by yourself.  Some people will join your life from the beginning of the book but these are not the permanent characters and neither are you in there’s life.  Some strangers will join you later and people will enter and then leave you because their life story has something which no longer needs you.  But this doesn’t make you boring or tasteless, whatever the word you choose. It is just that you have something big to play, something people can only dream about.

Conditions will occur, sometimes you will joy and sometime you will be depressed. Here some characters of your story have something to help you. You can share and if you don’t it’s just your own wish.  Life is not like an Indian Drama which appears on the TV screen as it has something more than that. It is a phase that you are happy and you are successful don’t doubt it because you have earned this moment. If you are depressed or nervous about your future then it is time to get ready and stop wasting your time in waiting for a magic wand. You can’t win a lottery unless you buy a lottery ticket hence some efforts are necessary to be made. If you have made it and lost then don’t worry because worrying can’t solve anything. It just your phase of success wants more from you. And you will achieve it because you are a hero of your own story.

Didn’t find your soul mate?  Don’t doubt yourself because you are in a queue to have one and like every beautiful thing of your life you will have one to continue your journey.   If you lose someone then yes it sometimes hit you hard but always remembers that your life is a journey and they have played their part. Write every chapter with real emotions like you just lived every moment of it. You are not sure how many pages have left of it but yes, you did an amazing job. Take some time out of this crazy lifestyle to read some chapters by yourself because it is your book and only you can understand it better.  You will definitely enjoy every page of your struggle, emotions, love, jealousy and other things which were experienced by you only. And do not hurry to end it because this is the only decision you are not allowed to taken by the DESTINY!!!

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