You can’t let these reasons to ruin your friendship

We understand the value of people when we longer are in touch with them. When we spend time together, we cannot predict what if we lose them. Friendship is one of the unique human relations and it doesn’t matter with whom you share it. We enjoy it because it comforts us in a unique way and we have our besties for life. But the strangest thing about life is- it changes every second. With every second, you are giving your time to new things, people and yes, new friends. New ones enter and you can’t lose the best ones but it happens. Let us see what the reasons are.

  1. Change in Priorities- It ruins some very beautiful relations and one of them is friendship. You decided to focus on work, studies or sports in which they no longer can participate with you. But that doesn’t mean you should not have your goal or your friends. Just try to join them or be in touch whenever possible.
  2. One of the best parts of having friends is we communicate and we do it from the heart. When we are losing touch, we lose them too. Break the Ice between you and do a fight or simply tease them and you will be back on track.
  3. New Relationships does affect your friendship. It feels like you are not the same or your friend has someone special. It happens with everyone but you can handle this too. A real friend will always be happy to see you in the best relationship. 
  4. When you need them and they were not available. Yes, it happens so many times with us. A friend will not let you in troubles not unless he is in the mood of making fun of you. Sometimes you were not available to them too. Just make the right decision and think about it. If you are thinking about stupid reasons then you are losing someone very special.
  5. We face a lot of situations and in some conditions, it is very necessary to have a moral boost. You should push them to achieve their goals and if they are not confident about it then provide the emotional support. If you are not doing it and someone else is helping out then yes, your space is gone.
  6.  Don’t let your Ego to ruin your friendship. Sometimes it is really simple to have a word with your friend and everything will be sorted out. Do make an effort if your friend is not making it. It is your call you want to have your ego or friend with you.
  7. Some besties are great to have. But they have something which can ruin you. You can either accept them or reject them; it all depends on you. Bad influence is not counted as a good person to have but if you can change them then do your best.
  8. Don’t be over possessive as you don’t own someone. If your best friend has a lot of best friends then be comfortable with that. Your behavior can ruin it

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