Your soul mate knows what is going in your mind very well.

When you are in a relationship and spending a lot of time with the love of your life then it very easy to understand what are you thinking in a situation. Human nature is not easy to predict but since we have made our choices then you can easily guess what will be the reaction of your partner in different situations. If anyone one of the couple can sense the feelings of the other then you are ready to spend a great time for a very long time. It is some choices either one of you have to make to make things better for your relationship.

Some people often claims – “I like him or her in just a way their partner is” but it is completely true?  You need to adjust yourself according to your partner if your marriage is arranged by your parents and this is equally true when you made your mind to live in with a person you love the most.   Some changes can be huge but some can be tried but it is worth to make the alterations in you when your partner appreciates it. If these changes are unnecessary then he or she will never let you do them. But in this process of being something for someone, you must not forget the real you.

If you have some goals to achieve and you need support then your partner will understand it and this is applicable to every type of marriages.  If you are just sacrificing your dreams for someone who has nothing to give you then you are a real fool, my friend.  Everybody has something to achieve and when you have the right time and right resources, you need to make a choice. A choice which will be appreciated and completely understood by your love and it is his/ her reaction which does matters.

Living a life with a sorrow of not having something because you didn’t make a right choice is painful. But man is full of blunders and if you have a second chance then you must grab it. You can be either supportive or resistive to an action of your partner and if he had made a decision then it’s your call to be agreeing or disagree with it.  It is preferences which we make decide our destiny and once you made it then give your 100%.  Spending time with your partner will help him/ her to decide what kind of human being are you? It will also help to check your compatibility with different types of choices you make.

If you are willing to carry on in a relationship by not giving up by something which matters you a lot then you are making a right decision. But it depends on two people and the mathematics of a relationship is not always a simple calculation. We hope the best for you and your partner because in the end, we want to see both of you HAPPY.

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