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5 Decisions That Teach Us Yogi Adithyanath Is Not A Religious Exclusivist

If politics is all about allegations after allegations, then the new appointment of Yogi Adithyanath as the UP state head must have stirred in mixed reactions and sparked a backlash across the state. Was it a silent religious warfare promulgated by BJP? Or a quick anecdote to the never ending miseries of UP? Or maybe, was Modi giving upper hand to Swamis and religious teachers as we have seen that with Swami Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali? Questions remain unanswered but in the first looks of it, the Yogi administration has had its major decisions all free from religious bias. Here are 5 such decisions:

Eliminating caste based reservation in private medical colleges.

In private medical colleges, a large number of seats are reserved for the subordinate castes of Hindu sects; more than any other religion. Abolishing such caste reservation system is equal to causing distress among Hindu sects. And this decision is directly conflicting with the preconception in thinking the Yogi to be a hardcore Hindutva leader.

Waiving off a huge amount of farmers’ debt.

A noteworthy decision of the Yogi Government was waiving off a big chunk of farmers’ debt grossing around Rs. 36,359 crore. Now this decision was warmly welcomed by all classes of society, showed us the real mettle of a yogi. Here, no bias was shown in terms of religion or cult; all poor farmers were saved from debt trap.

Transparency of wealth of UP state ministers

After becoming the CM, Yogi ordered all Ministers to disclose their personal income and wealth. This move was an extension of Modi’s demonetization but as one could see, the persons affected were from BJP and moreover, were Hindus. Shows a clear evidence that Yogi doesn’t tolerate adultery and malpractices even if committed on account by Hindu leaders or BJP acolytes.

Yogi Adithyanath discontinues service of advisors.

The CM has reportedly discontinued services of all advisors, chairmen and vice chairmen appointed in various Government Departments and Corporations by the previous State Government. These advisors misused powers conferred upon them and at times were equivalent to ministers. Yogi has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards such misuse of power regardless of caste or religion.

Decision to crack down VIP culture from the society.

This may sound an insignificant move but something those ambitious bureaucrats wouldn’t even bother to do, hence placed in this list. The CM has ordered that no ministers’ vehicles will be permitted to use red beacons atop. What this showed us is that Yogi is striving to achieve a disciplined set of Government personnel regardless of religion or power.

Yogi Adithyanath has so far made a profounding positive impact than what was previously miscalculated. Many are still yet to be convinced about Yogi’s equality policies and efforts, and BJP’s religious harmony policies. With five prosperous years ahead, let’s see how Yogi and his team could do justice to his appointment as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

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