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Narendra Modi: Rise Of India

Has Narendra Modi risen India? We have answers that affirm both extremes. But here we discuss how India positively evolved in the past couple of years under the NaMo leadership. Scroll down to read PM Modi’s best achievements.

India Japan Nuclear Deal

Many people criticize Modi for his uncountable number of official tours but none of these critics ever knew what PM Modi had in his mind. In one such official duty to Japan, the PM was heaped with praises for being able to convince and persuade Japan in signing a contract that opens new frontiers to India’s nuclear mission. By signing the India Japan Civil Nuclear Deal, this agreement became part of history as the first agreement signed with a country like India that hasn’t entered into the Non-Proliferation Treaty. With this deal, India gets easy access to Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear fuel, and latest nuclear technology.

Demonetization Of Currency

For some 3 months, people were economically hit badly enough that everyone today gracefully remembers the day November 8th, 2016. The demonetization move is the next best in our list as the Govt has almost wiped out black money from an entire nation.

Swachh Bharat Mission

Though still criticized, PM Modi is in pursuit to promote ecofriendly endeavors. Trees have been planted in lumpsum across states, pollution causing vehicles forbidden, clean Government establishments and a plastic less economy, are some of its achievements.

The Real Estate Bill

The Modi Government has passed the Real estate bill that helps the Government in curbing black money and other tax evasive practices in the Real estate sector which is largely unorganized.

GST Bill

The origin of the GST bill does not go to PM Modi’s credit. But passing of such a bill that shakes the foundations of the Indian economy definitely goes to the efforts of Modi’s team. After demonetization, this is going to be the next big economy reform.

One rank one pension

This reform in the country is going to help citizens get their pension based on their rank. Mostly targeted on army men, this move is another achievement of PM Modi.

Electrification of Entire India

PM Modi often emphasizes on empowering the villages and the poor. This can be seen through various initiatives advocated by his team. And one such mission is the electrification of India in its entirety. Though more to be done to get 100% completed, this mission will soon be reached.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

PM’s Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana Scheme collected huge deposits of around 65,000 crores. Around 88% accounts were opened in November alone as a result of demonetization. Banks received a real boost in terms of deposit collection as it was announced just after demonetization. The figures show us that this is another achievement of PM Modi.

As the days of office of PM Modi is not over yet, there a lot of missions and visions being proposed for a better India. Let’s hope these missions pave the way for an incredible India.

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