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Talaq Talaq Talaq: Everything you need to know, before making a decision

Triple Talaq is wrong and unconstitutional, it violates the fundamental right of equality! Triple Talaq is mentioned in sharia law, it is the religious rights of the Muslims to continue with this law! Ask people about triple talaq and these are the statements you will hear. The only similarity between these statements is that both are conclusions. This article puts forward the various views of proponent and the opposition of this system. Our main objective is to create awareness and not to harm any religious sentiments, so sit back and relax.

With 5 judges of 5 different religions hearing the arguments on triple talaq in Supreme Court, we can expect an unbiased decision. Thus knowing details of this topic before jumping to conclusions becomes important for us.

It is difficult to stop a thing which has been going on for hundreds of years. Many consider verbal divorce as a legit form as in their view, it meets all the requirements of being a practice for divorce. Many spiritual leaders of Islam feel that although the practice is bad, but still would be legally bounding. Some explain it could be a recourse for the lengthy and troublesome procedures of the court for the couple.

It means that even if it is considered wrong or a sin, still the legal consequences would stay in effect. Some believe that going to court and making personal life public would degrade the character of women. Well, if these arguments sound a little weird, wait for the final one. It was mentioned that it is for the security of women themselves. In their explanation, they point out that, costly court proceedings would deter the men to go to court, and they might just burn or kill their wives. Most people consider these arguments totally illogical and irrelevant to the current scenario.

Want to hear what the opponents say? Well, they have a different perspective. They take a social perspective rather than a religious one. Referring to some of the real cases in India, they proved that many women find themselves homeless within seconds. The mental agony and shock leaves them traumatised. Mistreated by the religious bodies whom they approach, they are left helpless. Most of them don’t have the financial strength to fight a battle in court, nor are they aware of the rights.

A much shocking aspect could be, that many cases reported that the women were divorced through Whatsapp, SMS, and E-mails.

Some have even voiced their opinions that this practice is even against Quran. Quran specifically tells that the divorce rights should be equal for both males and females. Nowhere is the mention of the triple talaq system, on the contrary, instant divorce is not allowed. It focuses on the methods of reconciliation by the 2 parties, families and friends. If it is not successful only then a divorce should be allowed.

So, which side do you take? Is there a middle-way possible? Why have countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan illegalised triple talaq, but still India clings to it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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