What are the things you can do when you lost your wifi?

Losing wifi connectivity is the scariest dream of today’s youngsters. Don’t say you have 4G and you are happy because you are not. Having a reliable wifi or broadband connection is like access to the whole world of entertainment with a single click. Yes, some people do use it to surf news and study related topics too, but the whole motto of having wifi is to stream unlimited data for your eyes to watch high-quality stuff. This stuff can be Netflix or Amazon Prime or may be YouTube (for family entertainment). Or you are going to surf something which is not east to have in this strict society.

So, where were we? Yes, what if you lose your unlimited, Hi-speed internet access? You will go and watch your downloaded stuff or will have some sleep? You can’t sleep because you are too worried about connectivity. Then you will be reminded of the very important tasks which were pending and needed the internet to get them done. Don’t worry these things will not be getting done until you are back to the web. Stop being so sentimental about it because you have a real day out there.

So what are the things you can do?

Spend your time with your family. Don’t say it is too boring to be done.  When you spend the whole day staring at a screen you are consuming something which is not real. Relive some moments with your family or friends if they are available and if not then make a call to the friend who is no longer in touch with you to make some plans.

Spending your time with your pet will be a very good idea. If you work from home, then your pet has missed spending a quality time with you. Arrange a bubble bath for your pet because you have no idea when did you bathed him last time.

Visit a spa or salon because your body missed the right treatment because of your wifi. In this crazy lifestyle we love to work according to our list, and on this list, the wifi has a very particular rank.  It is time to neglect the wifi and move further.

You had some hobbies before you had a wifi connection and this time to check for your charm. Have a book if you love reading or cook for yourself because you like it.  There are a lot of things pending for a very long time, and this is the time to finish some of them.

Do you click photos for yourself or just to share them online? You have made a folder or an album where you can find some memories with your favorite people. It is time to open that folder and relive those moments.

Some people will find this article lame or childish and will not try to consider any of the point mentioned above. They can be right too as they are still connected to the strong connection.  If you are not then it is time to enjoy a real life.


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