Your Motion Sensors are Killing your Privacy. Know How?

You carry your identity with your Smartphone and with latest innovations you are adding most of it. Whether it is a banking application or it’s your personal documents in Digi lockers or stored in a cloud, If you lost your phone everything will be at a huge risk.  The latest additions like fingerprint scan or face scan are easy to bypass and without a code, you can’t expect that you are safe from any theft. Do you still believe in a PIN which can be so unique and impossible to be cracked by hackers? Think twice as there something in your phone which is now a perfect tool for the hackers to give you an unpleasant surprise.

This is not hard to believe when some cyber-experts claims that they are too capable of doing it. According to experts from Newcastle University, motion sensors of your Smartphone are capable of leaking your passwords to the unknowns. The Smartphone age just needs an application and like other applications, it will monitor what is happening when you are tilting or typing some stuff on any of the keyboards on your phone.

Have you noticed that there are no particular permissions required while installing an application on your Smartphone? Whether it is a gaming app or any camera app, it just installs with very few permissions. Using motion or orientation sensors of your Smartphone these hackers can easily analyze your sensor data. And a study by these cyber experts has proved that this data makes it easy to guess a right password for your various accounts.  It also helps them to analyze that how you operates your device and where you placed your fingers.

Do you need to worry? The answer is YES! As the paper published by this team of experts claims to have an accuracy of 70% to crack four digits PIN codes on their first attempt. By the fifth attempt, these guys were also able to do it with 100% accuracy. It is a matter of great concern because our smartphones allow at least five attempts for opening a phone lock. These five attempts will be more than enough for these hi-tech Hackers to crack passwords.

Every person handles his/ her Smartphone in his own way and their way of tapping, long-pressing and scrolling can be tracked easily due to limitations in designing of an onscreen board. These hackers can easily analyze and determine where exactly you are pressing your fingers on your device or what you are typing on the keyboard.

This issue has been already notified all major smartphones Giants such as Google and Apple but none of them are able to offer a solid solution for this issue. The only possible solution for the issue has been seen that you apps should ask for permissions while installation. In this age of technology, Data is the most important thing and if it is personal/private in nature then you know what the possibilities are.

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