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Got 7 The Trailer Is Out And This Time It Will Be More Awesome

The official trailer of the much-awaited saga “Games of Thrones Season 7 “ is out and all the GOT fans are now counting days for the first release.  Like every other season, this year GOT promises more excitement, war, blood, and dragons. We loved it and if you have not seen it yet then catch it here:

For the fans of this series, it is hard to wait for every single episode because the show has every element which connects you to the characters. This is the reason GOT shares international fame and gets aired in every part of the world.  We don’t want to add the spoilers about the show because GOT fans hate that.

It is the first official trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 which arrived with the first sneak peek of ice, fire, dragons and wars! For all the GOT fans out there, this trailer will help you to make your expectations higher.  It promises for the greatest war which we have been dying to be a part of for all these years. The Iron Throne is the reason of the big fight and we found the glimpse of excitement, conspiracy, and plotting which is now going to reach the next level.

The date of premier is booked in July where we can catch the most epic battle sequences, drama and a lot more. The followers of this show are sharing their excitement along with the clip on all social media platforms. This is the reason of trending of the first trailer of GOT 7.

From Twitter to Facebook it on the trending list and gaining more hits every second.

In this short trailer of 1 minute and 48 seconds, you can hold your breath as

Cersei Lannister is addressing her forces to be prepared for the threats coming from every direction. Cersei is ready with everything required to save here throne and her word goes “Enemies to the East, enemies to the West, enemies to the South, enemies to the West, enemies to the North,  whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.”

Save the date as the show will be available to all on 17th of July this year and we are also waiting for more trailers and clips of this show to share with you all.  Whether you are a GOT fan or not, this trailer is enough to make you watch this season.

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