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Miracles do happen A dream Wedding turns into reality for an Acid Attack Victim

Your face is the reason of smile for you partner but what if you faced an acid attack? Many girls and women in India are victims of Rape, assault and acid attacks. This girl is one of them but the love of life doesn’t look for external beauty. For some people, it can be a plot of a movie, but it is not because Lalita Bansi got married to her love in a great Indian Wedding ceremony.

It happened in 2012 when she was visiting her hometown for a marriage to attend. She slapped her cousin for the wrong behavior and to stop the fight.  She stayed in there for her marriage but it was not her destiny. Her cousin attacked her with acid and she suffered. The marriage never happened and she went for surgeries in Bombay Hospital.

At present, she has successfully completed 17 surgeries but 12 are still pending and will happen in upcoming months. The story of finding his better half is the sweetest thing to share. It was a missed call which made them talk and the guy, Ravishankar called back after fifteen days.  He chose not the external beauty but the love and emotions.

The love story is now turning into a successful marriage as the couple had a Big Wedding ceremony at the DeSilva Technical College in Dadar. It was a joint effort of Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, of and many other sponsors. Lalita is also a member of this Saahas foundation who works for survivors like her. Both the Bride and the groom were not financially strong to have this wedding hence they helped them to make it a big and memorable event.

The couple was greeted by many big personalities as Congress MLA Nitish Rane, Actor Vivek Oberoi, and Dr. Jagannathrao Hegde, a former sheriff of Mumbai made their presence. The actor also shared a photo with this beautiful couple on the social media websites. Vivek met Lalita this year in the month of March during a campaign.  For him, she is a real survivor and an inspiration to all the women. A flat was gifted to the couple from his side.

Famous fashion designers,  Abu Jaani and Sandeep Khosla has also played a role in this wedding as the wedding dresses of the couple, the jewelry, and a pandit was from their side. According to Lalita, it was a dream comes true. She is now a wife of Ravishankar who preferred the soul, not the external appearance.

We are sharing this story because we need to change the way we approach the external beauty.  In a male dominant society where a man’s ego is the reason of lifetime suffering of women, there is a need of change. We support all those ladies out there who stood up and fought against this type of mentality.

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