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This Khan is Makin Bollywood Proud In the Neighboring Country China

Amir Kan is the man who is known as the “perfectionist” in The Bollywood Industry. Whether it is Lagaan, 3 Idiots or PK his movies has done remarkably well on the Indian Boxoffice as well as on the foreign screens. The last year released movie “DANGAL” is one of the wonders which he had. The movie has broken the records of commercial success as well as the critic’s reviews since it got released.  Indian audience loved it because the movie is a true story of one of the Indian Wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat.

Right from the land of Haryana and its wrestling culture, the films depicts the condition of girls in the rural society. It also depicts the strong bond between a father and his daughters. The movie recently got released on Chinese screens and it is not a onetime watch. The Chinese audience loved it and this made it the highest Non-Hollywood grosser in the country.  People loved it and supported it on various platforms.

You can read various articles written by the famous Chinese nationals, Actors, and Makers about the film.  This type of record is boosting Bollywood people to make real cinema.  It is not the first movie which has been released on Chinese screens as the movies like PK and 3 idiots had done surprisingly well.  These two films helped him to gain more audience for this Movie.

It is the success which speaks as Amir Khan is now winning by breaking other records too. By surpassing our Prime Minister, he has become the First Indian to have more followers on Chinese social networking website Weibo. The PM made his account just before his official visit to the Dragon land.  It is good to see how movies are helping India to gain more popularity.

Dangal was released on 5th of May this year in China by the new name which translates as “Let’s Wrestle, Dada”. The team of Dangal officially visited the popular cities of china to promote their film. The perfectionist is gaining a lot of love and support from his new Chinese fans.   The success of this movie helped Amir khan to gain more followers on Weibo. Weibo is a microblogging website which is just like twitter and the actor does use it to share his love for his fans.

The recently released movie Bahubali 2: The conclusion has already done so well in the Indian Theatres as well outside India. We are not confirmed about its success among the Chinese audience but still, it will be interesting to watch how the business goes.

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