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Top 5 Eateries In Mumbai That Every Foodie Must Visit This Ramadan

We are almost half way through Ramadan, the month of self-abstinence that Muslims all over the world observe. Along with Ramadan also comes an unparalleled opportunity to eat until you pass out. Regardless of age, color, caste, sex, thousands of people gather to eat mouthwatering delicacies in various parts of Mumbai – the city of dreams and melting pot of various cultures. We present you with 5 places in Mumbai that will take you to gastronomical heaven in this holy month. Enjoy!


Not to be confused with the famous roll stall at Apollo Bandar, Colaba, this Bademiyan is one of the most hygienic eateries at Mohammad Ali Road. It is Famous for its extremely delicious Chicken Soup and its juicy kebabs along with soft but huge rotis. This joint is open only during Ramadan and remains closed for the rest of the year, thus making it extremely exclusive. It draws huge crowds and the best time to visit would be around 8pm-11pm.

Opening hours:12 noon to 3 am

Meal for two: Rs 900/-

Location:Memonwada, Mohammad Ali Roa


Chinese & Grill

Despites its generic name, this restaurant is not the kind that serves Indian-Chinese cuisine. However, it is extremely famous for its Ramadan special Nalli Nihari – which is a mutton marrow curry served with amazing tandoori rotis. Other specialties include mutton chaap, mutton tikka and chicken tandoori.


Opening hours:                        5 pm to 1 am

Meal for two:                           Rs 1100/-

Location:                                   122/132, Barkat Manzil, Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai CST Area


Barah (12) Handi – Crawford Market

Surti Barah Handi is a traditional family owned restaurant that has been running for over 100 years. It is famous for its unique method of cooking 12 different stews and curries simultaneously in a specially designed oven. Its extremely delicious mutton nihari and mutton paya attract gourmands from all over Mumbai during Ramadan each year. It is advisable to get a table before 7 pm or you’ll be left staring at others devouring on their meals while you wait your turn.

Opening hours:                        6 pm to 11 pm

Meal for two:                           Rs 800/-

Location:                                   45 Gurjar Street, Crawford Market


Minara Masjid


For those of on a tight budget, Minara Masjid is the perfect place to fulfill all your Ramadan food cravings. From the legendary 3 decade old Fatima Bibis cream sandals – rice and curd desert to deep fried quail and partridges, there are amazing culinary treasures hidden among the lanes around Minara Masjid. Other delicacies that you can find here are – Mutton Haleem, Chicken Bhuna, Chicken roll, Baida roll (Chicken wrapped in fried egg), Dragon Kebabs and Naan Sandwich. An ideal time to visit would be at 10 pm, which is when the huge crowds start to dissipate.

Opening hours:                        6 pm to 4 am

Meal for two:                           Rs 400/-

Location:I M Road, Mandvi, Pydhonie, Mumbai

Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala

For those with a sweet tooth, this place is heaven. Jalebis and Gulab Jamuns fried in pure ghee, Malpoas (deep fried pancake) in various flavours, Firnis (rice custard), Cream Kunafa, Malai Khaja are some of the amazing desserts that you will find at this 150-year-old sweet shop.

Opening hours:                        1 pm to 4 am

Meal for two:                           Rs 500/-

Location:                                   I M Road, Below Minara Masjid, Mumbai

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