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10 unpopular yet beautiful places in India that are a must visit

When we plan for vacations, we mostly think about mountains or beaches. We mostly consider the famous holiday destinations. But to our surprise, there are 10 beautiful places in India that we might not know about. Even the books won’t tell you about them. Check them about here!

Murud Janjira Fort, Maharashtra

It is famous for its Marine Fort at the coast of Arabian Sea. The best part is that you can only reach the fort through a sail boat. So you can enjoy the sea to an even greater extent. The fort has as many as 21 bastions. Not only marine water, but you will also get to see the freshwater lake in the fort.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Assam

If you love horses, then Dibru Saikhowa National Park is the place for you to visit. It is famous for feral horses. After World War II, the British troops left the ancestors of these feral horses, ultimately turning wild.

Tarangambadi, Tamil Nadu

If you like the Danish heritage and that too in India, then, Tarangambadi in Tamil Nadu is the place. Danish culture had left its influence on not only the architecture but lifestyle as well. So, it is a must visit.

Dhankushkodi in Tamil Nadu

Are you fascinated by ghosts or all things horror? A cyclone hit this town in Tamil Nadu in the year 1964. In that incident, as many as 115 people died on the railway board. The news came out later. Since then, there have been numerous creepy stories about the place.

Mandu in Madhya Pradesh

The place is all about forts and that too built since the medieval period. The Medieval fortified city was built for defense purposes back in the 6th century AD. It has tombs, palaces, temples, etc.

Mawlynnong in Meghalaya

Also known as the fairy tale village, this place is the cleanest village in Asia. Visit the place, and you will definitely feel the difference. It is situated close to the Indo-Bangladesh border, and you can peep in through certain points. Frail looking tree houses provide another attraction.

Touphema in Nagaland

This is a famous tourist village where you will be lured by the Naga hospitality. You will definitely like the Angami-Naga styled huts.

Lungnak valley in Jammu and Kashmir

Looking for a piece of art built in the 12th century? Phugtal Gompa cave monastery is the place of 70 monks. The monastery hangs from the mouth of a cave and presents a beautiful view. The beauty also lies in the fact that it can be only reached by foot.

Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh

It is famous for its Grand Canyon. The beauty is the cutting of the canyon by the Pennar River almost 300 ft below. Surrounded by red granite, the place is yet to be discovered.

Champaner Pavgadh in Gujarat

It represents a rich culture of historical India, being the historical capital during the ancient times in the 16th century. Temples, tombs, tanks, etc. provide you with another historical treat to your eyes.

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