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6 Tourist Attractions in Kerala That You Must Visit

Have you ever been to Kerala? It is god’s own abode! If you have never been to Kerala, it is time to rethink because such destinations cannot be missed for the world. Kerala is known for the back-waters and amazing seafood. Kerala has some wonderful tourist attractions that you must visit. Since Kerala is a large state, you need to know about the best attractions. We are here to guide you! We have listed the 6 Tourist Attractions in Kerala that You Must Visit. Take a quick look!

Here are the 6 Tourist Attractions in Kerala That You Must Visit –

Fort Kochi

Old houses and beautiful trees welcome you to the wonderful Fort Kochi. There are many restaurants in Fort Kochi which will leave you breathless. They offer great food and a lovely ambience. The Maritime museum and St. Francis Church are a must visit. Don’t forget to see the special Chinese fishing nets!


Thekkady is known for its natural beauty. It is located in Idukki district. Periyar National Park is located in Thekkady. It is a famous destination to view wildlife. It is an important tourist attraction which you cannot miss. The destination has some really fancy hotels which will keep you close to nature.


Munnar is known as the, ‘Green Blanket of India’. The tea plantations on the mountains are a visual treat. It is a great place to visit on a weekend! The best part about this destination is that it stays cool in summers as well. It is the highest peak in whole of South India.

Cherai Beach

This is the ideal beach for swimmers. It is safe to swim because the tides are very low. It gets crowded in the evenings. Avoid going here on a summer afternoon because it gets really hot and humid. There are really good restaurants on this beach which serve fresh seafood. In the evenings, you will find fishermen catching crabs and other fishes. You can buy fresh fish from them!


One day at Alleppey is a must! You can book a houseboat for you and your family. You can get a 1 room – 8 room houseboats which have all the amenities like meals, television, washroom and much more. It is a great experience!

Athirapally Waterfalls

If you have seen the famous movie, ‘Bahubali’, you will be able to recognize the Athirapally Waterfall. When you are in Kerala, you cannot miss this majestic waterfall. It is so mesmerizing that you will fall short of words. It is closer to Cochin Airport. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes!

This was such an amazing list! You must visit Kerala soon! It is the kind of place where you would find peace. Don’t forget to try the special Kerala spa sessions. It has healing power! Make sure you visit all the places mentioned above because they are the best tourist attractions in Kerala. Have lots of fun!

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