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7 Budget-Friendly International Destinations to Visit this summer

Are you the wanderlust traveller but the high expense restricts you to travel? But don’t get disheartened as there are some places in different corners of the world which won’t make a hole in your pocket and will be added to your travel diaries.

We come up with a list of 7 exotic places on the map which will definitely not exceed your budget. So let’s have a look at these places and start packing our bags for the next trip.


Don’t get surprised seeing Malaysia in the list. Kuala Lumpur the most travelled place here not restricts you to palatial hotels and gives you a choice to extend your trip for longer days with not exceeding your budget.



Love to explore the history and culture of past civilisations then Peru is the perfect place to visit on a budget. With the reminiscent of Inca Empire, this exotic place has much more in its bag. A great destination for aspiring surfers without costing much to your pocket along with this place has some of the best traditional sightseeing which will fill your soul with contentment.


If you want a cost friendly trip then you should definitely stay in the city of Bangkok. Away from the bustling crowd, this place is a perfect city to stay for good food and accommodation in low cost. Thailand is a place which will just cross a level further to fulfil your travel fantasies.

The Philippines

The Philippines gives a thrilling experience to the backpackers and travel junkies. A haven for budget divers and beach lovers this place has some exquisite places for the wanderers. One of them is the famous Puerto Princesa, the underground river which is one of the 7 wonders of nature.


The pleasant smell of the ruins of medieval castles, captivating cities and the beautiful golden beaches will leave you enchanted as you will step in this country. This great European country will give you a lifetime experience at low cost. The picturesque view of the sunset at Lisbon and the delicious taste of wine and the ravishing variety of food in Portugal can drag you to visit this place every year.


The paradise island of Bali is ready this summer to take you close to nature. This place evokes a serene mood of satisfaction with its beautiful beaches and colourful culture. The adventure lovers cannot miss this place which offers surfing and diving at an affordable price. Not only the adventure part, this island will let you enjoy the palatial resorts at a great deal.


This culturally rich European country will give you a contented feeling. Walk on the endless miles of aquamarine coast and discover the sand-covered ruins of Greece history. The accommodation cost will let you save some bucks and splurge on food.

What are you waiting for now? Just pack your bag pack and book the tickets for your next budget-friendly holiday trip.

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