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7 Unexplored Hidden Gems in Odisha

What comes to your mind when you hear the words, ‘beach’ or ‘temples’? Usually people go to Goa for a relaxing beach holiday. For temples, one would rather think of some destination in South India like Rameshwaram. How about going to Odisha? Many people are unaware of the fact that Odisha has some really beautiful and unexplored places to visit. There are serene beaches, gorgeous temples and amazing food. We have listed the 7 Unexplored Hidden Gems in Odisha. Take a quick look!

Chandipur Beach

The Chandipur Beach is an interesting spot in Odisha. This is the ideal beach for those who are afraid to swim because the sea disappears in front of your eyes. If you visit the beach during low tide, you will not find the sea here. The beach is famous for its horseshoe shell crab. It is a delicacy in Chandipur. The beach is also known as hide and seek beach.

Puri Beach

Puri Beach is located in Puri City. The beach is perfect for swimmers because the beach is flat. You will find the most amazing street food on this beach. From miniature samosas to the famous, ‘ladykinis’, Puri goes next level when it comes to food. In the evenings, you can get fresh crab and fish fry along the beach. Puri is the home of Lord Jagannath. It is a perfect place to relax and remember god.


If you are visiting Puri, you might want to book a room there and visit Konark the next day. The temple is dedicated to Sun God. You will find an oversized auto from Puri to go to Konark. The drive from Puri to Konark is indeed beautiful. This cannot be missed!

Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake is a water lagoon which is absolutely stunning. You can hire a boat and take a round of the lake. It is also a bird sanctuary which means you will get to see beautiful birds who migrate from different places. It is a visual treat!

Salia Dam

Not many people know about this place but it is indeed a hidden gem. It is a very peaceful place to visit during winters. It is close to Chilika Lake. Since the dam is amidst a jungle, the drive will be worth it. Take a walk here with your loved one and forget the world.

Daring Badi

Daring Badi is known as the Kashmir of Odisha. It is located in Kandhamal District. It is filled with natural beauty and beautiful waterfalls. Odisha is known for its not-so-popular hot weather but this will probably change your thinking.

Khandaigiri Udaygiri Caves

How can you miss the famous Khandaigiri Udaygiri Caves? These caves are located in Bhuwaneshwar. It is partly artificial and partly natural. Also, it has historical, religious and architectural importance. If you are visiting Bhuwaneshwar, you must visit this place. These are really interesting rock-cut shelters of the Jain.

If you have not visited Odisha, it is time to pack your bags and go for winter holiday. How can you ever miss the beauty of this place? The good news is that Odisha is not an expensive destination. The food and hotels are affordable. Also, the people are warm and will make you feel like you are home. Happy tripping!


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