Beautiful and Exotic Islands for your Honeymoon

Islands, especially tropical islands make great destination to escape to if you want to be with your significant other. They are secluded, romantic and breathtakingly beautiful. Many newlyweds turn to small islands in the middle of nowhere for their honeymoon as it provides them with peace and privacy they desire.

Here are some our favourite island destination for our honeymooners.


Although Jamaica is known for its family-friendly vacation spot, this has changed over the course of time as many small islands are provided an intimate experience for couples. It is perfect for a romantic getaway from its Kanopi House which are treehouses with luxurious interiors hidden in the vast green jungles (which are completely safe by the way) for outdoorsy couples. Let’s not forget the Rockhouse, a private cove tucked safely in Negril, which makes an ideal couple retreat. You can stay hidden from the rest of the world or go out and explore the rich culture of Jamaica; it’s up to you and your companion.

St. Barts

St. Barts has always been a playground for the rich and famous, which makes it an ideal vacation spot for lovebirds as it both seclude without prying eyes ruining the moment and it is completely equipped with high end facilities. Fanciful interiors, gourmet restaurants, exclusive spas are some of the things you need to experience while you are on a romantic holiday. The islands is covered in stunning villas and famous hotels like the Eden rock, which has the popular Rockstar Ultra Luxe, if you feel like celebrating something grand.

Islands of Italy

Our absolute favourite- Islands of Italy. Nothing comes remotely close to the best and most beautiful romantic getaway than Italy. Whether you are talking about dreamy boat rides of Venice or watching a glittering sunset of Sicily. They have delightful cuisine to excite your taste buds from Sardinia and Capri. All these islands are meant for romance. Be careful or you might end falling in love with Italy.

St. Lucia

St Lucia of the Caribbean has been the backdrop for beautiful weddings, ideal honeymoons and an exotic getaway, mainly because of those Pitons that rise gracefully above the Caribbean’s. there are many resorts in St Lucia, especially the Jade Mountain give that awestruck experience of gazing the view from the cliff top sanctuary. You feel like the only two people in the whole world.


Ever feel like something on this earth was made just for you? Well you can have that experience when you go to the Fiji Islands. Likuliku Lagoon Resort grasps everything you want from a romantic holiday; complete with luxury villas, exotic food, quiet beauty. So magical and breath-taking, that it will make you want to pause time.


For decades, Seychelles has been couples paradise. Packed with fascinating wildlife, untouched natural beauty and top-notch resorts. This island is tucked up north of Indian Ocean giving it a romantic atmosphere. There is so much to do with under water diving and exploring the lush environment.

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