Five reasons you need to visit Dubai right now!

Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE.  It is one of the most famous places in the world. If you have not visited Dubai once in your life, we can say that you have missed a major adventure in life. Dubai may sound too exotic for some travellers, but that is not true Dubai is a city that has something for everyone and is not afraid of ambition. In the recent years, this desert city has become the shiniest gem in the Arab world. The city has pumped billions to itself by becoming a business hub and the new tourist mecca. Dubai has risen from scratch in the last twenty years.

Dubai has everything from 5-Star hotels to mega malls. It has more to offer than what meets the eye. Below are five reasons you need to visit Dubai now!

Most breathtaking skylines in the world:

Dubai has one of the most beautiful skylines on earth because of its breathtaking skyscrapers. Dubai is spectacular from the sky especially at night; from Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai to the Marina, the city has the prettiest buildings in the world. Check out the top floor bar or restaurant to gaze at the city. The city is now the synonym of business and luxury. Its infrastructure has made it a futuristic paradise.

Dubai is a melting pot of culture:

Dubai is one city in the Middle East with around two hundred nationalities calling it their home. It is the most cosmopolitan megacity in the world. Dubai’s migrants are first-generation migrants staying amongst the Emiratis in peace and harmony. The diversity of Dubai is apparent to anyone. One of the most appealing factors to living in Dubai is the exposure to many cultures. Dubai has 90% immigrants and only 10% Emiraties. Dubai’s diversity can be seen not even in people but also in its architecture, food, art, and music.

Modern Art and Design:

In the last few years, many slick art galleries have come up in the Financial Centre. Dubai’s diverse art scene has developed throughout the years. The Dubai Design District has opened up recently and hosts a variety of art and design festivals. Some of these festivals are Art Dubai and Design Days. The Alserkal Avenue art district and Al Quoz are known for their galleries and shows. There is something to appeal to every kind of aesthetically minded person in Dubai.

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise:

Dubai is the home to the largest mall on earth. It is called the Dubai Mall. You can find high-end retails on every corner of Dubai. People come to Dubai for retail therapy. The city is famous for its month-long shopping festivals. They have concerts and giveaways where shoppers can try their luck to win cars and gold. If you are bored of big mega malls, you can head to the Gold Souk. Gold Souk is an Arabian jewellery market located in the oldest part of Dubai. The souk has historically been the central area of trade in Dubai. Experts believe that on a given day more than 10 ton of gold is located in the Souk.

Foodie’s paradise:

Dubai’s diversity can be experienced in its spectacular range of food styles. Dubai has some of the best Persian, Arab, Indian, French, Pakistani, Filipino, Japanese, British, and Chinese restaurants. You can easily find cheap food in Dubai along with the high-end restaurants. There are food festivals in Dubai all year long. Friday brunches in Dubai are equivalent to a mega feast which are worthy of a king. There are some of the most fantastic hotels in the world in Dubai with master chefs from around the world.

Opulence and extravagance are the words we use when we describe the oil-rich UAE. Dubai has hundreds of unique places for every tourist. No matter what your personal taste, Dubai has something to offer you. Dubai is one of the most exciting places regarding travel diversity. If you haven’t been to Dubai, your life isn’t complete.

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