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High On Thrill Adventure Sport Destinations

Aren’t you bored of the daily monotony of your job or student life? Quite often we ask ourselves the question of what next when it comes to planning an enthralling trip with friends. With the vacations at hand, wouldn’t it be nice to break the mould and have created memories that give you an adrenaline rush just by reminiscing? I bring to you my friends a list of epic destinations to get those endorphins flowing!


Skydiving at Tandem Camp

The next best thing to actual flying is said to be skydiving! Experiencing an accelerated fall at 10,000 feet with nothing between you and the ground below is mind-blowing. An experience close to a few, it’s said to conquer fear and nerves. Tandem Camp is located in Mysore where skydiving experts train would be sky-divers for a day after which a diver piggy backs along on your first ride.

Leh – Ladakh Motorbike Ride

Exploring the picturesque landscape with your friends on a motorbike can be a dream-come true for many. The highlight of this tour is riding through high mountain passes such as the Khardung La Pass. The average period to complete this ride is 10 days. You can plan your own ride or join an expedition available at reasonable packages.

Caving at Khasi Hills

The major caves at Khasi Hills in Meghalaya are located at Cherrapunjee, Pynursla, Nongjri, Shella and Mawsynram.  Nestled among gushing falls and lush forests, these caves are a haven for every wild adventurer. Caving is best done in the winter months between December and March. Caving is dangerous during monsoons as cavers can be trapped due to flooding.

River Rafting at Rishikesh

Rishikesh, also known as the adventure capital of India, is home to some of the best adventure sports. These include bungee jumping, camping, kayaking, flying fox, mountain biking, cliff jumping, waterfall trekking, body surfing, paragliding and more! River rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports at Rishikesh with the amazing rapids experienced on the majestic river Ganga.

Scuba Diving at Havelock Island

Andaman provides many diving sites across islands but the ones at Havelock Island are said to be the best. Home to one of the most diverse coral gardens, Andaman provides its diverse pristine beaches and spectacular views. Savouring the moments spent under-water with its varied marine life can be an enthralling experience.

Trekking at Shepherd’s Trail

Kullu Valley, a platter of aesthetic treasure and beauty, is connected to various treks. These beautiful treks will allow you to observe beautiful alpine woodlands, meadows, exquisite streams, orchards and wild animals. Envision a snow covered ground as far as the eye can see bounded by a clear blue sky! The journey passes through several streams and forests the grandeur of which can’t be done justice by words!

Nature has blessed us with sites of such amazing beauty. To experience these all we need to do is get some time off our busy schedules and be there and the glory is ours to behold. Pamper your senses and embark to an experience of a lifetime!

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