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History rich culture of Jaisalmer will definitely make you pack your bags

Do you think about an offbeat travel destination? Then Jaisalmer will provide you with everything. From deserts to ghosts, from rich cultural aspects to historical forts, every bit of the city has a story to tell.

How to reach Jaisalmer?

From Jodhpur, it almost takes the entire day to reach there by road. However, by air, it takes about two hours. The journey through road encompasses village life, unfertile barren land and what not. But it is so different from the usual city life that you are going to enjoy every bit of it for sure. Let us discuss the few reasons why you should not miss a trip to Jaisalmer:

Thar Desert

Bollywood’s most favorite place, the Thar Desert is known for its sand dunes not only in India but worldwide. Cactus, deer and scavenger birds are generally found in the Thar Desert. A village-like culture exists there which reminds you of the ancient history of royal kings and their kingdom.

India – Pakistan border

While standing on the hilltop, you can get to see the beauty of the India-Pakistan border which is just a barrier in the official pages. There is no strict demarcation, and the whole area is surrounded by shrubs and desert. A point comes when things become blurry if you try to look beyond the farthest point.


No doubt, Rajasthan is famous for its rich cultural heritage and Jaisalmer is no exception. Khaba Fort is one of the forts of Jaisalmer that represents a beautiful landscape. But you never know! It might be haunted as well. Be careful!

Kesar Kasturi, the desi daaru

It seems like it is a milky beverage, but it is the local or desi daaru. It comprises of 21 spices and is quite stronger than rum. So even in winters, you will feel the warmth. Drinking Kesar Kasturi in chilled winters can add up to the unforgettable experience.

Camel ride

How can you not think about a camel when you think about the desert? So your whole trip to Jaisalmer will not be complete if you didn’t choose to ride a camel. You will enjoy the highest and best top view of the desert.

Picnic in the desert

You must have had a picnic in a garden or a park, but how about enjoying a picnic in the wilderness? Isn’t it going to be unique? You will get to see Rajasthan’s folk culture and definitely, you will like it to the fullest. A cold and calm breeze from the oasis will take away all your heat as well worries. And meanwhile, you will be served the authentic Rajasthani local traditional food. The music will definitely lure your mind, and the serenity the place is going to deliver will spellbind you.

If you want to explore varied aspects of culture, lifestyle, and architectural beauty all in one place, then Jaisalmer is the city for you.

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