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Latest traveling trends in India

We all need time for ourselves to take a break from the daily routine. Holidaying comes to rescue in such conditions. And the best part is that now, everybody understands the importance of traveling and people do take time out from their busy schedules to explore different cultures and lifestyles inhabiting a place. The latest traveling trends in India have taken a rise, and growth is seen in travel and tourism industry.

Indians have evolved in this aspect as there are different reasons for people to travel to different places. From shopping to exploring different cities, everything has evolved. As per a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, an increase has been found in the overall expenses for traveling in the year 2016.  Also, in the list of global travelers, India at the 18th place. The estimated average budget is of $3,107.

People are not just tourists. In fact, the purpose behind traveling is exploring and experiencing new things. The motto has changed and the upcoming year is definitely going to see a further rise in the travel market. Themes of scuba diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, river rafting are what people are looking for these days. The concept of high-end parties is trending, and people spend money on good food and quality services offered by good restaurants.

According to another survey conducted by AARP, almost 51 percent of Indians go on a trip at least once a year at domestic destinations. Both domestic and international tourism is on the boom. However, international tourism has increased by a staggering 43 percent. Indians are finding new and creative ways of relaxing themselves while they travel. They look for new destinations rather than the same old places. It includes international destinations as well as domestic.

Apart from typical traveling, Indians are trending towards adventurous road trips as well. Driving on roads till you get completely tired & exhausted and then staying for a night to take a break and moving on again for the journey is what Indians are actually seeking out with their backpacks on along with sporty SUV or bikes. The taste has changed, and it’s no more conventional travel.

When we take out time to travel, it’s an experience of self-discovery as well. We bond with our family, friends, and relatives after we spare time for our special ones from a busy schedule. According to the survey conducted by Booking.com, almost 58% of Indians spent the total travel budget on the actual experiences they collect through traveling. This means they are more of wanderlust sorts these days and not the conventional travelers.

Indians these days are more into creating unforgettable memories and living life to the fullest. It involves actually stepping out of their comfort zones into adventurous sides of nature that they seek to experience. Indians today are actually into exploring the unexplored. Sri Lanka, Philippines, Italy, etc. are a few countries which are going to be the most visited holiday destinations in the upcoming year as they are yet to be discovered.

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