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Ready For A Road trip? Confirm these Items in your list

Roadtrip is fun as it is the journey which can give you some memorable moments of life. Either you are going with friends or by yourself the trip has a lot of incredible things to do. The summer is here, and maybe you are planning to a cool place with family and friends hence it is a time of Roadtrip. The best thing about these trips is you need not to get it planned for a whole month as it can be any moment which can ask you to join the roads. If your friends are calling and you have things to do then think twice because “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and say yes to it.

So what are the things you need to pack with you? The list can be big or small as it depends on person to person and how you want to spend your journey? The next thing which is important here is the Journey, not the Destination hence you make it comfortable with fewer things but only the important stuff.

Carry a Camera: If you are a photo person who doesn’t mean a selfie person, then you must have a camera to capture your moments and your journey.  If you are happy with your phone, then it is all up to you.  But Camera has a specific purpose which is not easily fulfilled by Smartphones due to battery problems and Memory issues.

Comfortable Clothing: You are not going to Indian Wedding hence do not carry party clothes. The best clothing for this tour is to wear breathable Jeans or Shorts. Do check the type of weather of the place you are visiting to avoid unwanted Surprises.

Carry Cash:  Don’t laugh.  It is true that carrying the right amount of cash is important. Yes, India is getting digitalized, but that doesn’t mean every person on the road is available with a swipe machine. Yes, you must carry e-money and plastic money, but Cash is something which still rules the market.

Phone Accessories: Whether it is the Earphones or Portable charger, if your phone is your media device and your journey depends on it then do not take any chance. Genuine accessories are always advised to be carried. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot more.

Auto Accessories:  If you are planning a trip on two- wheeler then you can’t add a lot of necessary stuff, but if you are planning it on a car then be prepared. Do carry an extra tire and necessary tools to have a happy riding experience. A properly serviced vehicle will help you to make your journey a better one, and your traveling costs will be on a right budget.

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There are other important things like carrying a first aid box, a proper meal, and necessary medicines when you are traveling with someone with medical issues or your co-passengers are kids who need more attention while driving. You can also carry your pet if you are not having someone to babysit them.

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