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These Incredible destinations in Haryana are must be on your list

Being a Haryanvi, somewhere I agree with the portrayal of Desi Culture in the Bollywood Movies and the Desi Language which is sometimes too tough to Understand. But no movie has talked about the coolest destinations which are an active part of its heritage and attracting visitors from all around the globe.  If you have never visited this Northern state which was once a part of Punjab, then let me introduce you some beautiful places which are waiting for you to visit.

Chandigarh: A U.T and a capital of two different states i.e. Haryana & Punjab is the place where cultures from these two separate states have tasted Modernization.  Popularly known as “The City Beautiful,” Chandigarh is famous for its city planning. The whole city is divided into sectors where you can visit easily without facing traffic issues.  If you are planning to be here, then do visit for at least a week as there is too much to discover. The following places are the favorite destination of every visitor

Butterfly Park

  • Rose Garden
  • Chhatbir Zoo
  • Terraced Garden
  • International Dolls Museum
  • Garden of Fragrance
  • Leisure Valley
  • The Rock Garden
  • Le Corbusier Centre
  • Government Museum and Art Gallery

Kurukshetra:  If you are traveling from Chandigarh to Delhi then the ancient of Mahabharata, the real battleground is the place you can’t afford to miss. It is the place where Lord Krishna preached the lesson of life and battle to Arjuna, and now there are many other attractions which are connected to both past and present of Human existence. The district is not too big to cover, but the places you visit will need more time. Following are the perfect family destinations in Kurukshetra


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