Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for Food Lovers

Looks like somebody is getting married! Let us take the opportunity to congratulate you. Congratulations for the great news. It seems that you have figured out everything for the wedding. Have you decided the honeymoon destination? If you and your partner are really fond of food, you should choose a destination which is great for food lovers. Today we have created a list of Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for Food Lovers. Yes! The list is yummy yet very romantic. Read on to find out more.


Japanese food is not just about sushi. There is such exquisite food in Japanese cuisine. You can have a fantastic foodie honeymoon in Japan with some really yummy culinary treats. This one will be a unique honeymoon because mostly people go for Italy or Spain for their honeymoon. Wash down some sake and hog on some yummy prawn tempura or ramen. Enjoy an open air hot spring bath as it is very romantic. Japan is a great place to explore and you will find peace and great food here.


Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world. When we think of Italy, our mind starts thinking of wine and authentic Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine is yummy and when you can share it with the one you love, it will be a great experience. You can visit Bologna in Italy for the perfect foodie honeymoon. The Culinary Institute of Bologna can host a market trip for you. You will surely get to taste a lot of fine vino and some amazing cheese as well. You can visit Tuscany as well for a food and wine tour.

Hong Kong

If you love food, you will love Hong Kong. Hong Kong has some really crazy street food and a fantastic night life. If you and your partner love partying and eating, Hong Kong is the right place for you food lovers. Are you thinking of yummy pork dumplings and fantastic Cantonese food? The bride usually starves before the wedding day to look fit and fabulous. It is time you should take her to a destination where she can eat happily.


The food in Thailand is exquisite and the private pool villas are breathtaking. Thailand is the perfect place for a honeymoon. You can book a private pool villa and have breakfast near your own pool. It is the ideal place for romance and food. Thailand has some great beaches which will make you fall in love yet again.


Spain is a wonderful place to visit. You can visit Seville or Barcelona. It is ideal to visit Spain any time of the year! You will find some amazing people and food here. The famous tapas and the lovely wine will make you very happy. Spain is indeed a very romantic place to visit. You will also find some great places to dine. It is indeed very romantic!

We hope this list gave you some ideas! We will be glad if you choose one of the destinations from the list. Once your wedding is over, you should eat like it is your last day on earth. Think of your bride! She should be eating well. We think that romance and food is just interlinked. Make sure you choose the best destination for your honeymoon. Have fun!

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