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Want to relive the vintage Goa? Figueiredo House is the real hidden treasure

Goa is famous for its rich cultural heritage and beauty at the same time. The magnificent beaches and the chill life it depicts is what Goa is known for. But if you want to know about the vintage side of Goa, Figueiredo is the culture enriched entity representing the best of vintage Goa. If you want to explore the vintage side of Goa, then you must pack your bags this time for Goa and visit Figueiredo House.

This 400-year-old vintage house is located in a village in South Goa called Loutolim. Every single bit of it tells you about the ancient Goa and its rich culture. Every single wall of the house has so much to say, so much to depict that you will be spellbound by the charm that the house actually holds. Moreover, the best part that can definitely bring a smile on your face is that you can stay in the house for a maximum of 4 days.

The Figueiredo family maintains the house. The members of the prestigious family have served as diplomats, important official lawyers, and the Portuguese Parliament. Not only this, but the house also has a museum known as Figueiredo House. So there is no chance that you will feel bored at any cost as there is a lot to explore. The furniture, antiques, and showpieces are maintained as they have been for generations by the Figueiredo family.

Undoubtedly, you are going to feel as if you’ve entered the old vintage era of 1450 when the house was built. The daughter of Figueiredo declared that they had opened the house museum in 2010 for public. They even renovated the house with modern fittings, but the tradition and vintage look is maintained.

There is a total of five bedrooms as well as guest lounges in the house. There are common areas where you can chill and read books. Moreover, the house also consists of a library from where books can be borrowed. So you don’t have to worry if you are not carrying a good read. All you have to do is borrow one from the charming library! If you like dancing, there is a ballroom as well. If you are seeking peace and serenity, there are lush green gardens.

Another added advantage that the house offers is you don’t have to pay much. The starting price for a room in this 400-year-old vintage house is just Rs. 4000/-. It also includes breakfast. The fee for visiting the museum is Rs. 200/- only. These prices are quite genuine. At such excellent prices, you can get to see a lot of historical things. So you should not miss the chance to visit the house when you visit Goa next time.

If you have visited Goa before, you might have visited this hidden treasure. But if you have not, then you must consider visiting this vintage house the next time.


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