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Why Visit abroad when you have these Coolest Destinations here In India

It is great that you are having a passport and a Ticket to a Top destination of Abroad but if not then no worries. India is known for its variety of culture, language, taste and geography. Every corner of this nation is full of wonders, and hence there is a big scope for all who are not able to make outside India these vacations. The next important point here is that every corner is now readily available hence there is no big budget required to make it happen. If you are not able to book Tickets on time, then there are other options available.

Experience Chitrakoot Falls in Chhattisgarh when Niagara Falls is not easy to reach

Some people will find this comparison irrelevant because both are situated at different locations, and the Chitrakoot Falls has very less height than the Niagara. But if the height is the issue here then let me clear you can be inside the waterfall in both the cases. The beauty of Chitrakoot Falls is really commendable and the widest fall in India. All these facts make it known as the “Niagara Falls of India”.  Do try it first as it will further help you to explore the region of Chhattisgarh and their culture.

Explore Kashmir when the Better Switzerland of India.

Here I will not talk about the disputed region which is always in the news and affecting the tourism.  Kashmir is known as the “Switzerland of India” and whole India proud on its location and beauty. The beautiful Dal Lake in summer season always attracts tourists with its unique beauty. If you are a fan of Snowfalls, then visit in the winter season and celebrate the zeal of Festive season.

The Thar is here to compete with Sahara

The ships of Desert are ready to pull you aboard and provide you an experience you never had. Known as the Sahara of India, the Thar is a beautiful place if you are willing to experience the real desert. The life is tough in the region, but a colorful Rajasthani culture will make you fall in love with it.

Enjoy the feeling of Bonneville Salt Flats by visiting Kutch

Popular because of its unique topography the Rann of Kutch is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. The Kutch has its strategic importance too and in the festive season, you can experience some real wonders of your life here. The feeling of Bonneville Salt Flats is now easy to achieve with Indian flavors here on the land of the Kutch.

Visit Andaman if Madagascar is Out of Budget

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are not easy to reach just like Madagascar as no road is directly connected to this beautiful region. You need to visit it by air or water to achieve the real feeling.  The unique biodiversity and sexy beaches are the USP of this region.

At all these beautiful locations you need not  to convert your currency into USD because Indian Currency rules in all these regions.

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