This Small Precaution Before Sitting In A Cab Can Save Your Life

With the rise in cab rental services in India over the last few years, an alarming observation has been made.

Cab-related crimes against women are on an all-time rise. According to reports, in ALL the rape and assault cases that took place in cabs, there was one common feature – the Child Safety Lock was On.

A child safety lock is a special purpose lock built into the the rear doors of most cars to prevent children in the rear seat from opening the doors during transit and when the vehicle is stationary.

It locks down the doors and windows of car and once the child lock is on, the doors and windows cannot be opened.

In all the reported rape cases that took place in cabs, the driver had turned the child lock on in the car, locking it completely and making it impossible for the victim to open the door or window to escape.

When you think about such a helpless situation, it is quite a frightful thought. So, what can you do about it?

Check the Manual Child Lock Button

Every car is provided with a Child Lock Switch at two locations – one at the driver’s panel, and the second at the door of the rear seat.

For cab passengers, the switch at the rear seat is highly useful. Before getting into any cab, all you have to do is make sure that the child lock button is turned off as illustrated in the pic below.

If it is turned off, the cab driver will not be able to activate child lock and you can have a safe ride without the worry of getting trapped inside in case of peril.

Demand a Change in Cab Laws & Regulations

The child lock option is a pretty useless feature in cabs. You can raise your voice and demand the government to change the existing laws and make it mandatory for cabs to get their child lock system removed. Until the child lock is removed from all cabs, a warning sticker can be placed on cabs warning and educating the passenger about turning off the child lock before stepping into the car.

Spread Awareness

Share this small but essential piece of information with everyone you know. Spread this useful information to educate people about cab safety precautions. You never know, it may save a life one day.

There is a dire need for our society to be educated about taking care of their own self. Small precautions can go a long way in keeping people safe. Empower as many people as you can and raise your voice to weed out obsolete laws from the legislation. Take action to help incorporate new laws and regulations. Let us make sure that strict laws are in place and are being followed. Together, let us build a safer society for us and our children to live in.

Take precautions, stay alert and stay safe!

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