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You would not believe how butterfly effect changed our world

Nothing is small or insignificant. Every small decision and every minor coincidence could lead to a change in the whole world. A flap of the butterfly’s wing had changed the forecast of a tornado. Similarly, any small decision could have serious and unseen consequences, you just have to connect the dots. Sounds like a fantasy, right? But such chain of effects has even lead to world wars or election of presidents.

  • A bad driver and World War I: The major reason World War I had happened was because Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. It was not a secret that there had been many assassination attempts on him. Earlier a bomb had been planted to kill him. If he wanted, he could have left Sarajevo very easily and saved his life, but he had insisted on visiting his wounded friends. At the same time outside a café was Gavrilo, who has been adamant about assassinating Franz.

The driver of Franz’s car didn’t know the route of the hospital. The poor driver took a wrong turn towards the café where Gavrilo was sitting. Gavrilo couldn’t have been luckier that day, and taking the opportunity he shot Franz. Boom! This incident lead to other series of actions which caused the First World War. If Franz would have taken the logical decision of leaving that place, or his driver would have known the route, World War I wouldn’t have happened in the way we know it.

  • Being Kind could claim 60 million lives: You heard me right. Henry Tandeya British army officer was fighting in Marcoing against the Germans. Guess who was on the battlefield? Yes, it was the ‘young’ Hitler. Hitler was injured and was fleeing the scene with the German army. Henry already had his gun locked on Hitler and could have easily taken a shot at him. But seeing the poor guy injured and running made him merciful and lower his gun. Hitler was able to run away and save his life.

How could we know if it is true? Because Hitler had a propaganda poster of Henry on his wall. Only if Tandey would have pulled the trigger, the World War II could have been avoided. With Hitler dead, there wouldn’t have been a holocaust and millions of Jews wouldn’t have died. So in this case, being kind and compassionate lead to some of the worst tragedies of the world.

  • When being alcoholic leads to Brexit: This is one of the most recent examples I could find to prove Butterfly effect happens in our day to day lives even now. Jeremy Corbyn was a strong voice which supported Brexit and the Labour Party also blames him for that. All this started with MP Eric Joyce got too drunk and started hitting everyone present in Stranger’s Bar. He was removed and a 3 Euro policy was introduced to fill in his seat.

Anyone who was willing to pay this amount could vote for the candidate and the new leader was Jeremy Corbyn who played an important part in separating Britain from EU.

You might not be able to experience this effect in your normal lives. Learn to see the bigger picture and you might just realise how everything and every decision of yours is affecting the world at large.

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